About Time Management Training

By Alan Kirk

  • Overview

    Sometimes it seems like there's just not enough time in the day to get everything done. Time-management training will teach you to streamline your tasks and become more efficient in your planning and scheduling. These skills can help people in both their business and personal lives.
  • Benefits

    There are only so many hours in a day, and time-management training can teach you how to be more efficient with your time instead of working harder. Taking time-management courses can also benefit you in the workplace, as your boss will look at taking the course as an indication that you value your job and wish to be more productive. This proactive action on your part could factor into the potential for promotions or pay increases.
  • Features

    Time-management training teaches techniques that can be used to save time. Some of these skills include scheduling, grouping similar activities and analyzing how you currently perform your assigned tasks. Self analysis of your current scheduling will show you where you are inefficient and areas where you can improve. Time-management training also offers the opportunity to share ideas with other people and pick up on tips from fellow students.

  • Types

    The American Management Association offers time-management classes throughout the country. An employer can also contact the American Management Association to inquire about having an instructor conduct a class at the employer's office. There are also online "webinar" courses in time-management training, offered by companies such as Baker Communications, Inc.
  • Class Preparation

    Before you attend a time-management class, write down your daily schedule. Break this schedule into how much time you spend on different tasks. You should think about how much time you want to spend on those items and how much time you currently spend. This can be a goal you bring to the training. If the training does not address these issues, you can be prepared to ask questions during or after the class to address the issues that are important to you.
  • Warning

    Time-management training classes are designed with general planning in mind. Not every skill or task taught in a time-management training class will be applicable to your role with your company. When attending the time-management class, do not overwhelm yourself. Take notes and highlight items that you feel you can use to improve your performance in your job. Trying to implement every single suggestion can sometimes result in trying to "fit a square peg into a round hole," so choose the methods you learn in the class that meet your needs.
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