Tips For Brides Wearing An Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dress

The bride wearing an off-the-shoulder wedding dress should consider exercise, tanning, foundation garments, and movement limitations in advance of her big day.

Much of the fuss and fluster that goes into the modern wedding is concentrated on one source: the wedding dress.As if choosing sites for the ceremony and reception, picking out food, negotiating a guest list with your mother and your soon-to-be mother-in-law, and trying to stay on budget weren't headache enough, experts advise you to choose your dress months in advance, and that's only the beginning of the dress's myriad care requirements.

The good news about the dress is that, in addition to being the most expensive garment you will ever own, it can be the most flattering.A virtually infinite variety of skirts and bodices are available to show off or improve upon the entire human range of hips, waists, busts, and shoulders, with some of the most flattering styles for many body types involving an off-the-shoulder bodice.Large-busted brides, for instance, may find that an off-the-shoulder style with a slim skirt is the most flattering option; pear-shaped brides can choose an off-the-shoulder gown with a lovely neckline to draw attention upward, with a full skirt for concealment.

If you're interested in off-the-shoulder styles, there are a number of concerns to be aware of.Most importantly, if you would like to have your ceremony in a house of worship, make sure to contact the site before you even begin dress shopping.There may be certain restrictions with which you will be expected to comply, such as covering your back and shoulders.If there are such restrictions and you have your heart set on showing your shoulders, don't despair.Look for a style with a removable jacket or shawl.You can be covered up for the ceremony, and then shed the extra layer at the reception.

Something else to think about well in advance is how you feel about your shoulders, as well as your arms and back if they will be exposed as well.If you're still several months away from your wedding, consider starting a toning regimen.(Always consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise activity).You don't need to join a gym; spending about thirty minutes three days a week with a pair of three or five pound dumbbells in your hands, in the privacy of your bedroom, can help give your arms a little more definition before your big day.

Once you've cleared your options with your house of worship, chosen a dress and started an exercise routine, keeping a few simple tips in mind will keep you free of dress-related disasters when it's time to put it on.Your first concern will likely be your underwear, or, to put it more elegantly, your foundation garments.Naturally, you will not be wearing a conventional bra with an off-the-shoulder wedding dress, but what you will need depends upon the particular style of the dress.If the dress has a high enough back, a simple strapless bra may do the trick.If your dress has a low back, you may need to wear a strapless, backless bustier for support.A final option is to have the bra built into your wedding dress in the form of soft cups.This is the option likely to suit brides with petite figures, as the cups can be padded to improve the fit of the dress.

A second major area of concern is tanning.Experts advise against getting tan with the help of the sun or a tanning bed, but a bride in an off-the-shoulder gown will want a nice glow to set off her white dress.Your first step is to try to avoid, as much as possible, getting unsightly tan lines across your shoulders, and your second is to find a self-tan product- the safest option- that works for you.Whatever you do, do not wait until the day before your wedding to try a self-tanner.Start as far in advance as possible- absolutely no less than a week, and preferably longer.You want to make sure you don't turn orange on your wedding day, and if you haven't used a self-tanner before you'll want to give yourself time to get the application right.Choose the right tanner for your skin type; don't try to darken more than one or two shades at a time.Special products are available for your face as the regular tanners make some people break out.If you don't usually have trouble with acne, you may find that a regular tanner works fine on your face.Before you first apply the product, take a bath or shower and exfoliate.Apply body lotion, and then give your skin time to dry completely before applying the tanner.

In addition to getting the right tan, choosing the right jewelry will help set off your gown's neckline.An off-the-shoulder gown gives you the space for a really great necklace, so choose a choker or something relatively elaborate.

Chances are you will have your look fully in place long before the big day, but there's a final concern to keep in mind.With an off-the-shoulder dress, you will probably find it difficult or impossible to raise your arms.Don't let that surprise you on your wedding day when you start dancing with your new husband and he tries to spin your around!When you have your dress fitted, find out its range-of-motion limitations, and keep them in mind when you practice your dancing.

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