What Are Some Tips For Caring For A Bike?

What are some tips for caring for a bike? Bike shops have everything you need to keep your bike in good shape. Tips for caring for your bike include keeping it clean, oiling the gears, and checking the tire pressure.

Depending on how mechanical you are, there are some good websites and definitely good books that you can purchase to help you with that. A lot of bike shops offer maintenance classes that you can take; the same with continuing your education programs at colleges. The shop can help you with some basic tools for taking care of your bike at home. Or you can find some information online. Something I always impart to my customers who buy their first bikes makes sure you keep the bike clean; it's not hard to wash it. I wash my bike with just some dish soap and sponges and some brushes that I have for it. You don't want to use high pressure, no direct jet blasts into the bearings or anything like that. Just use a running garden hose, some brushes and sponges, wash it off, dry it off with a towel and bounce it a few times. Take an old T-shirt and just wrap it around the chain and run the chain around backwards to get the excess moisture out and then put some oil on the chain. Taking the dirt and grime off the bike will actually help it last quite a bit longer. It will also help you keep a visual inventory of what's going on with the bike when you are washing. You may see that your tires are wearing and little things like that.

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