What Are Some Tips For Caring For Furniture?

What are some tips for caring for furniture? Cleaning your furniture with a clean cotton rag is the best way to care for your furniture. Do not use silicon based products like Pledge, as these can damage your furniture.

Don't use Pledge to dust with. That is a silicon product. You spray it on and wipe it and it feels pretty good because you have a lubricant on it, but it will go into the finish and into the wood and then if you have ever had it refinished, it's in the wood. When you put the new finish on it, it has a lubricant in there. It is just like a car that has been freshly waxed. If you wash it, the water beads up; that's what the finish does on wood that has silicon on it. We call it "fish eyes" and it creates an awful lot of work and really all you need to do is dust your furniture with a cotton rag. You don't need to put a lot of materials on that because the finish is like the paint on the outside of your house, it's a finish. So you don't need to grease it or oil it or add any other material because it's a finish. Just dust it, and over a period of time (say 20-50 years), the oils will come out of the finish naturally. It dries out and then you can refinish it and it's good for another 20-50 years. But all of the products they try to sell on television for cleaning the furniture and greasing it down really aren't necessary. The only thing it does is wet your dusting rags and picks up dust. Just a clean cotton rag works and you can wash them in the washing machine and keep using them.

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