Tips On Child Outdoor Safety?

Tips on child outdoor safety? This question covers how old a child should be to play outside independently, and what parents should look out for. As parents, safety is on your mind wherever your children...

As parents, safety is on your mind wherever your children are, especially if it is outdoors.
You can't keep an eye on your child 24 hours a day, but you can create some outdoor safety measures. Hilda Martinez, a nanny for 40 years, says it's always a good idea to supervise your children every time they go outside regardless of their age. Even if the toys they play with outside are considered safe, your child's play behavior is more important.

"Swings-you have to watch out to make sure that they won't fall and hurt themselves by swinging too hard. And the slide, you have to make sure that the child doesn't slide standing up, " Martinez says.

It's not about the toy's safety labeling, it's about how your children play games outside. Besides toys, items such as plants in pots can pose some danger.

"Watch out for the plants, because some plants are dangerous if the children put their hands in their mouth. Also, make sure you don't leave batteries in the garage or outside. Don't leave the car batteries lying around anywhere, because that is dangerous too. Make sure the grass is cut and your child has their shoes on, because you don't want them accidentally stepping on something," Martinez says.

Another tip for keeping your children safe outdoors is to have a fence around your home. Martinez says this is a deterrent to children running out into the street. However, eventually your children will want to venture out, and take their brand new bike for a ride outside. Still, child safety measures should be followed outdoors, and your children should know the rules you have set for them.

Some bike safety tips for children. "Take them to a park if possible or let them ride the bike on the sidewalk. Make sure you are always around. They can fall on the sidewalk and hurt themselves. You have to guide them. Watch them. Every parent should make sure they are out there watching their children constantly," Martinez says.

Martinez says about 20 years ago, she knew of a child that rode his bike into a moving car. The child was temporarily paralyzed. Although, we may think this could never happen to us, Martinez says the parent of this child was a wonderful caretaker who just lost sight of her son for a few minutes.

Another important area to mention when it comes to children's safety outdoors is the pool. According to Live and 300 children under the age of five die every year because of outdoor pools. More than 2,000 child related injuries are because of pools.
"This is very dangerous, having a pool. Make sure the doors are locked. Also, get a cover for the pool so the children won't fall in," Martinez says.

You can never have enough outdoor child safety protective measures in place. Martinez says don't worry about being too overprotective. It's better to be safe...and not sorry.

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