Tips For Choosing Diapers And Diaper Accessories As A Baby Shower Gift

Diapers are the first things a baby will wear. What better way to prepare parents-to-be for a new baby than to shower them with diapers?

Baby showers are not only a great way to "shower" a mom-to-be with things she needs for her new baby, showers have also become a tradition, a sort of rite of passage that accompanies becoming a parent. There are a plethora of baby items to choose from when selecting gifts for new parents and their babies. From clothing to bedding to bath items to safety gear - the sky's the limit. But with so many options, sizes, styles and colors, it's tough to know where to begin. Will the new mom like what we choose? Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Can we afford the expensive baby specialty store where the new mom is registered for baby gifts?

Let's face it, with all the potential gifts available out there, there is one thing that all babies need regardless of gender, weight, birth date or family size. All babies need diapers. Diapers, otherwise known as "nappies" in England, are the first things a baby will wear. They must be changed multiple times every day (and night) and over time, the expense adds up. What better way to prepare parents-to-be for a new baby than to shower them with diapers?

At first glance, this may seem a bit dull. With all the adorable, soft, cuddly baby clothing available, not to mention plush animals, ceramic photo frames and silver cups, who would buy diapers? Well, as any mother will attest, there never can be too many diapers. And it isn't just a matter of expense. Parents with very large budgets and pocketbooks still must buy diapers for their baby, and for all parents, it's a matter of convenience. The first few days and weeks of parenthood are a whirlwind of emotions and adjustment. If there's one less thing parents have to go out and buy, all the better. A silver cup may be beautiful, but in reality, the baby probably will never use it anyway. It will sit prettily and uselessly on the baby's dresser until he or she is old enough to drop Legos or marbles into it. Imagine showing up to a baby shower with a giant box of diapers wrapped in shiny wrapping paper, ribbons and bows? Not only will it be the biggest and most beautiful gift, it will be the most practical, as well.

A tip: always find out before the big event if the new mother will want to use disposable or cloth diapers. If cloth diapers are preferred, they can be bought in large bundles, or another nice gift is a diaper service subscription, where a company takes the diapers weekly, cleans them, disinfects them, and returns them clean and like new.

For those who really want to get creative, there are many necessities to go along with diapers that can be added to the gift, or that a group of friends could purchase together as a combination gift. Almost as crucial as diapers are several tubs of diaper wipes. Especially for brand new parents who are still getting the hang of cleaning their baby properly and dealing with new sights and smells, there is no such thing as too many diaper wipes. A diaper pail is the next requirement. One may think, perhaps, that a simple plastic-lined garbage pail will do, but this is a bit different. A diaper pail must have a lid, and preferably one that is lifted by a foot pedal apparatus. Today there are all kinds of newfangled diaper pails on the market that have built-in disinfectant systems and some that keep the soiled diapers in an airlock to cut down even more on odor.

Other diaper-related necessities include baby powder and diaper rash ointment. A large diaper bag with many easy-to-reach compartments and pockets is something every new parent needs in order to carry all these wonderful provisions. A great gift idea is a diaper bag full of these items, or even just a diaper bag full of diapers.

Last, but certainly not least, if the new parents receive an abundance of diapers as shower gifts, they'll need a diaper storage unit. Several different types, shapes and sizes can be found to meet every decorative taste, but the hanging variety is the handiest of all, as it can be conveniently hung above the changing table. Again, a wonderful gift idea would be a diaper storage unit filled with diapers.

At the next baby shower we're invited to, let's help the new parents in our lives by giving them what they need most - lots of diapers - and we can still throw in the silver cup, too!

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