What Are Some Tips For Choosing A Good Real Estate Agent?

What are some tips for choosing a good real estate agent? When choosing a real estate agent, keep in mind their knowledge of the area and their involvement. You know it's really hard in my profession, and...

You know it's really hard in my profession, and one of the things I am really seeing is that 80% of the business is done by 20% of the agents. So it's possible that somebody that just got started could provide you with really good service, but the odds are against it. I know a guy that'd only been in real estate for a year and a half and he is making a ton of money. I see so many people that are not making it, and he said "I answer phone calls and I explain things and I follow-up and a lot of people don't do that." So when my kids are looking for an agent, I said go to open houses on some Sunday and leave your name and phone number. The real estate agent who calls you up would obviously be somebody that's interested in your business. If you are willing to do that then what you should do is go look at them, and that way you will see what a $100,000 buys. It will start to give you a sense of what you are doing and that's how you can look for a real estate agent. I would look at their advertisements. I would click on their office websites and see if they are savvy enough to be on the web and send them some e-mails.

So you are looking for an agent that will take charge, and give you direction. I have given you lot of direction right here and you have taken notes and you have been more involved than some people might, because you are possibly going to be doing a buying and so I have given you a broad framework. If you meet an agent that sounds like me, work with them. If you find an agent that doesn't, keep going until you can find one. We went to the National Association of the Exclusive Buyer Agents and we found a good buyers agent from that website. Traditionally, most of the Realtors do represent both the seller and the buyer. There are good people out there that will do a good job for you.

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