Tips For Choosing Plus-Size Pants

Plus sized clothing should make shopping simple for full figured women, but it doesn't always work that way.

For a long time full-figured women rarely enjoyed shopping for clothing.Not only did the available clothing not fit well, it didn't look too great either.Finally, designers realized that larger ladies need comfortable clothing, but in flattering cuts and styles despite the extra room they need.Today, there is plenty of beautiful clothing in nearly every size.

Pants may actually be one of the most difficult plus-size items for which to shop.With a top, you can usually look it over or hold it up in front of you to see if it will fit.Pants almost always need to be tried on.

There is one trick for guessing a size.It is not suggested that you purchase a pair of pants using this trick, but it will help limit the number of pants you end up trying on.

Hold the pants up to your body, with the waist near your natural waistline.Pull the fabric as if you are attempting to wrap the pants around you from the front.If the waistline touches you on each side exactly where it would if you put the pants on, they should fit.

Repeat this process in the hip area.If the side seams touch the sides of your body exactly where those seams would hit if you had the pants on, they should be close to your size.Again, it is still a good idea to try them on before deciding to make a purchase.

Another tip for choosing plus size pants is to remember that plus-sizes do not run the same as regular sizes.An 18 in plus-size clothing is larger than an 18 in women's or misses.You may need a smaller size in plus-sized clothing than you would if you were purchasing something in another apparel section.

Because a full figured woman fills out a pair of pants, length may also be an issue.Just because pants look long enough when you hold them up, does not necessarily mean they will be long enough once you have them on.

Another consideration is style.Pants look very different on hangers than they do on a woman's curves.Pleated pants may look quite tailored hanging up, but if the tummy is a problem area, they may not be very flattering once a woman puts them on.

Color and pattern are also important issues.Larger women can wear larger patterns, but bold patterns in bright colors are not usually the most flattering choice.Muted or dark colors usually have a more slimming effect, and patterns that blend colors do less to draw attention to problem areas. Another issue of pattern is horizontal stripes, which tend to make full figures appear wider.Vertical stripes help elongate the figure, making it appear slimmer.

The type of material the pants are made from is also important.Does the fabric cling in all the wrong places? Does it drape nicely and give a smooth silhouette?Is there a bit of stretch in the fabric to help insure comfort?

Also keep in mind the type of waistband or closures the pants utilize.An elastic waistband may provide more comfort, but make sure the elastic is wide and is securely sewn into place so you won't have to worry about it rolling when you wear the pants.Also, make sure the waist isn't too high.Try the pants on and sit down while wearing them to make sure they won't put too much pressure on the stomach.

Keeping these things in mind will help you choose the plus-size pants that offer you the most flattering style and fit and the best comfort.

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