Tips For Cleaning Your Computer

Tips for safely cleaning your computer to improve it's performance.

Your computer is a delicate and expensive piece of machinery, but it does get dirty. If you have a laser printer, your computer gets dirtier than most with all of the toner dust flying around. Computers attract dust, fingerprints, printer ink and anything else you can imagine you don't want on it. Since you can't clean your computer with liquid and it really does need to be cleaned, what do you do? There are several products on the market specifically made for cleaning your computer but they are not all necessary. You can have your computer looking like the day you bought it if you just follow a few simple steps and keep the water away!

The first thing you want to do is clean your hard drive's casing. You can do this with a slightly damp cloth or a paper towel lightly sprayed with glass cleaner or a degreasing formula. Be sure to only dampen the towel slightly so that no drips fall from it. Gently wipe down the casing, using Q-tips to clean small places like vent holes and floppy disk drive openings. Give the same treatment to your monitor, using only a damp cloth and Q-tips.

To clean your keyboard, pick up a can of air at your local office supply store. That's right, a can of air. These handy inventions force air from a can much like an aerosol but concentrated out of a long thin straw. You can use this air blowing device to clean out dust and debris on your keyboard without taking the whole thing apart. Be careful not to blow dust into your hard drive as this may cause damage to your machine.

The mouse is one of the easiest pieces to clean. Wipe down the outside of the mouse with a slightly damp cloth. Next, unscrew the ring from the bottom of your mouse and remove the ball. Dust off the ball with a soft cloth and look inside the cavity of your mouse. There will be dust clinging to the rollers that move the ball and you can just scrape them out with a Q-tip or your fingernail and replace the ball and ring.

To keep your computer looking clean longer, purchase an inexpensive plastic covering for your equipment!

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