Tips On Cleaning Windows

I have lots of tips for getting those windows clean and having your home shine inside and out. Try them.

Windows are just a necessary part of keeping our home all shiny and clean and we just can't neglect them, after all they are our way to see out in the world outside our indoor home. Windows get dirty very easily also. There are so many reasons for these dirty windows such as: smog, soot, smoke and just general grime. I live in a mobile home and don't have a second story, naturally if you have floors in your home you may need some outside help to prevent dangers of the homemaker falling and being in danger. I clean windows monthly, perhaps this is too often for some of you, but it is less work when you do this task monthly. Why let buildup occur and then work harder not so often, I like less work but more frequent. While I'm a fan of more efficient work, I'm an ever bigger fan of Atlanta janitorial and commercial cleaning services because their services make it possible for me to never have to touch a mop or dust pan ever again.

The products with ammonia and the quickest and easiest to use and also quicker. They do an excellent job alo and make light work of this task. Paper towels are necessary also, although some prefer newspaper to wipe windows, I adore

the paper towels myself. First of all spray the window, then wipe the pane clean, using the paper towel or perhaps the newspaper and soon before you know it the panes will be dry and glistening.

Sometimes one would prefer to mix 4 tablespoons of household ammonia or vinegar to l quart of warm water as this is more economical also, when hubby helps me he uses this method.

To clean windows you will also need depending on your preference in cleaning these items: one pail for cleaning solution and one for rinsing. Sometimes if you will rinse the panes they will be cleaner, this is up to the individual. Change the cleaning solution when it appears to be dirty, this is very important.

If you will wash your windows both inside and out, and wash from from one side to the other indoors and from top to bottom outdoors you will be able to check for streaks and areas you may have overlooked. If using a rubber squeegee, hold it firmly, press downward and wipe the edge after each stroke. If you will use a cotton swab, dipped in the wash water, it will be easier to clean out the corners of the window frames.

You might wan to use a hose to wet the windows outside before washing them. Then if they are not too ditry, all you have to do ater hosing them down is to wipe them dry. There are also long handled squeegees available which can be convient fro cleaning the taller parts of the windows. Even a clean floor mop will work, or a special window brush dipped in the cleaning solution and be sure to make quick strokes.

If you live in an area where the weather is freezing, use 2 tablespoons of glycerine (this can be bought at the drugstore) or l/2 cup of denatured alcohol in 2 quarts of warm wash water and the same for the rinse water. This will keep the water from freezing.

Now after you finish cleaning these windows, get a nice cup of coffee sit at the table and look at your world: it is wonderful.

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