Tips For Curling Straight Hair

For those with naturally straight hair, consider these options for enjoying the curls you've never had.

For those with naturally straight hair, adding curls can become quite a chore. Long, straight locks are often resistant to change and the longer the hair, the heavier, so even if curls do set in the hair, they often become loose due to the weight of the hair.

I have always had naturally straight, typically long hair. As a child, my mother curled my hair the old-fashioned way with those spongy pink curlers and metal ones that were painful when twisted tightly in my still-damp hair. She would then tie my plastic and metal curler-infested hair up with some sort of scarf and instruct me not to untie it until I awoke the next morning. Without fail, at least one or two of the curlers would loose themselves during the course of the night. Thankfully beauty technology has since changed so I no longer have to endure such curling procedures!

Several techniques exist that allow those with straight hair to enjoy curly locks as well. The ever popular curling iron forms spiral or ringlet curls in only seconds, though the tool operates by creating curls one by one. Despite the time required to curl one's entire head with a curling iron, this device is especially portable for those traveling and it also does a beautiful job on hairstyles requiring only a few accent curls.

For those wishing to enjoy an entire head of curls, hot rollers may be the best option. Wax inside the set of curlers melts thanks to metal pegs on which each curler sits. When the wax has completely melted, the curler's color often changes to reflect that the curler is ready for use in one's hair. Again, when the wax cools, the curler will return to its normal shade to show that the curl has had ample time to set.

For a more permanent style, straight-haired gals might consider getting a perm. This is by far the most expensive of the curling alternatives mentioned in this article, as well as the most enduring. One should not request a perm unless she is certain that she will like the outcome. Some hair types are more agreeable to perm treatments, so women should consult their stylists to discuss options prior to setting up an appointment.

Sometimes straight hair can be especially resistant to curls. For those with this type of hair, try washing hair the night before you wish to wear curls instead of the day of the desired hairstyle. When hair's natural oils have a chance to set, this may aid in curl retention. Also, for stubbornly straight hair, be sure to keep some spray gel or hairspray on hand to help set the curls. Some hair care lines contain style products made especially for curly hair, or preservation of curly styles.

Different hair types may be more receptive to the various curling options. Hot rollers work very well for a full head of curls while curling irons may also work well for the same purpose, merely requiring a bit more time and concentration. Perms are often the way to go for those who wish they had been born with curls instead of straight hair.

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