Tips For Cutting Your Family's Hair At Home

Tips for cutting your family's hair at home; read to find out the details.

Haircuts are a fact of life, and unless you are bald, then you will spend $10 to $20 a month, or more keeping your hair trimmed. If you learn how to trim your family's hair you can save that much money for a family treat.

Start with a good professional haircut. Then you will only have to trim it every few weeks to keep it neat and tidy. If you have exceptionally thick hair, you will more than likely need to see a hairstylist about every 6 months for a more complete job.

When you get home from the hairstylist, use a ruler and measure the length of your hair on the crown. Hold the hair straight up against a ruler resting against your scalp. Write the measurement down and keep it in a safe place. Also measure the distance from the back of the neck, and above the ears.

When it becomes time to trim your hair, get the measurements out; mark a fine toothed comb with the length as you measured it when you first got the hair cut. You will be using this as a guide to help keep your original hairstyle trimmed and neat looking.

Use a very sharp pair of scissors, ones that are used only for cutting hair. It will help avoid split ends and painful pulling. Wet your hair, but remember that wet hair will be longer than dry hair, so you will need to add between a 1/4 and a 1/2 inch to the measurements, depending upon the length of your hair.

Start at the crown and pull a length of hair straight up, use the comb to measure and snip of any hair that extends beyond the measurement. Move around the crown following the same procedure. Gradually move down the side of the head, using the measurements taken for the part of the head that you are working on.

Dry your hair as you would normally and check for missed hair, or lengths that don't blend in well and trim them.

If your hair is curly, make sure when you measure that it is pulled straight as well as when you cut it. Work in a circular pattern around the top of the head. Your hair will grow faster on one side of your head. This is normal, so don't expect to take the same amount of both sides of your head.

When checking the finished haircut, don't look to see if it is even from the shoulders, rather check to see if it is the same in relation to your ears, your eyes, and your mouth. Since very few faces are perfectly symmetrical, if your hair is even according to your ears, eyes, and mouth your face will look symmetrical.

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