Tips For Cutting Your Own Hair

A few simple tips for cutting your own hair at home.

With the price of just about everything going up, it is helpful to cut corners on our budgets wherever possible.One area that can really take a chunk out of a budget is haircuts.Many men have their hair cut once a month or more, costing anywhere from $10.00 to $50.00.With all the available hairstyles for women, haircuts might happen less often, but the cost is unbelievable, with a range starting at around $18.00 and capping off in the hundreds, depending on the style and products used.Most people, unless professionally trained, would never think to cut their own hair.It seems impossible and frightening.But with a little practice, patience, and the right tools, you can learn to cut your hair at home, and no one will ever know the difference!

First, collect the tools you'll need: a pair of sharp scissors, a comb, a ruler, lots of hair clips, electric clippers, a spray bottle full of water, a hand-held mirror, a wall mirror and standing mirror (or two standing mirrors are fine), and preferably, a friend or family member standing by to help you out the first time.

Second, decide on the type of cut you want.The very first time you attempt to cut your own hair, be conservative; don't go for a difficult, unusual style that requires lots of layers or odd lines.If you have long hair and want to cut three inches off your hair, start by cutting only one inch, to allow for mistakes; you can always cut off more later.If you already have fairly short hair, again, be careful and go moderate.Set up the standing mirrors at an angle so you can look into one and see the entire back of your head in the other and make sure you have adequate lighting.Look your hair over from front to back and pull out several strands in different spots, to see how long they are.Think about how much you want to cut and holding out a strand, measure that amount with the ruler.Plan to cut a bit less than the amount you measured.Practice combing and separating hair just in the reflection of the mirror, where everything will be backward.Sometimes this is confusing at first.

Third, wash your hair and comb it straight.The wetter your hair, the easier it is to cut.It also helps to have some sort of conditioner in the hair so it will be soft and easy to work with.Have your spray bottle of water on hand to wet your hair as you go, if it begins to dry before you've finished cutting.

Fourth, begin cutting.Section your hair into small clumps of about a finger-width.Use the hair clips to hold back any hair that might fall in the way of the piece you are cutting.Comb the piece out straight and hold it between your forefinger and middle finger.The piece you've separated should now look rather flat as you hold it between your fingers.Slide your fingers down toward the ends of the hair until only the amount of hair you want to cut is showing; use the ruler to measure correctly.Using the scissors, cut across the hair, just below your fingers.Then comb that piece out to make sure the ends are even, and then move on to the next piece.Use your mirrors and go slowly.Never be in a hurry when cutting your own hair.

As you go, from time to time, let your hair down out of the clips to make sure the sides are even.One way to make sure is to grab pieces of hair from both sides of your head in exactly the same spot, and bring the ends together.If they touch evenly, then you've cut your hair the same length on both sides.If not, you'll see how much straightening you need to do.

For short hair, electric clippers are sometimes much easier to use.Trying to cut multi-layered hair with a mirror and scissors can be done, but you may need a bit of practice before it is done well.Cut short hair in the same way with the same preparations, but you won't need to section the hair with clips.Keep the hair wet and comb it straight before measuring the layers and deciding how much to cut off.As with longer hair, be conservative to allow for mistakes.If using electric clippers, use the various attachments to precisely cut different lengths of a short haircut.

With a little practice, you can save a bundle by cutting your hair at home.Simply take your time, use your mirrors, and check your work as you go.Soon, you'll find that friends and neighbors are asking you to cut their hair too!

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