Tips For Cutting Up A Whole Chicken

Simple, easy to understand, steps to cutting up a whole chicken. Followed by instructions on how to bone a chicken breast.

The following are steps on how to cut up a whole chicken and debone a chicken breast. It is divided into two sets of steps. The first set consists of six easy to understand steps on how to cut up a whole chicken. The second set is made up of four steps, which explains the boning of a chicken breast.


1) Place, breast side up, on a cutting surface. Remove the wings by cutting into the wing joint with a sharp knife, making sure to gently roll the knife to allow the blade to follow through at the curve of the joint.

2) Remove the legs by cutting the skin between the thigh and body. Cut through the meat in between the tail and hip joint. Bend the legs back until the hip joint pops out. Cut around any bone and through the remaining meat and skin.

3) Seperate drumsticks from thighs by cutting toward the drumstick at about 1/8 of an inch from the line of fat that runs crosswise between the drumstick and thigh.

4) Cut the breast from the backbone by holding body, neck end down, and cutting down along each side of the back bone through the rib joints.

5) Placing breasts, with skin side down, cut just through the white cartilage at the V of the neck to expose the end of the keel bone(the dark bone at center of the breast.

6)Bend both sides of the breast back to pop out the keel bone. Cut breasts, through centers, into halves with a knife or kitchen scissors. WHEW!! and now you have to cook too!!


1) Remove the skin from a whole chicken breast. Place, meaty side down, on a clean, dry cutting surface. Cut just through the cartilage at the V of the neck to expose the end of the keel bone.

2) Bend the breast halves back until the keel bone pops away from the meat. Run your finger along each side of the keel bone to loosen it. Pull the bone out, if it comes out in pieces, its alright.

3) To remove the rib cages, insert the point of the knifeunder the long rib bone. Cut the rib cage away from the meat. Then cut through the shoulder joint to free the entire rib cage.

4) Removing the wishbone is easily accomplished by slipping the knife under the white tendons on either side of the breast. Loosen and pull out the white tendons. Cut the breasts into halves.

You now have a whole cut up chicken and deboned chicken breast. They are ready and prepared to be seasoned and added to your favorite chicken recipes.

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