Tips For Dealing With Bed Time Problems

Tips for dealing with bed time problems: fresh ideas that will make your evenings enjoyable again.

Every single parent has at some point in time had problems with getting their children to bwed and asleep. Parental complaints list everything possible from flat out refusing to sleep up to scary monsters only your child can see lurking in their bedroom. What seemed a few ago to be a bed time inconvience has now escalated to a nightly battle. When it's all over your nerves are shot, your patience is long gone and you want to crawl in your own bed. Before you throw up your hands and decide they'll grow out of it sooner or later, try these ideas to send your little one(s) snoozing!

First of all, if you don't already have a set bed time-make that now. Normal bed times vary, a guideline to follow is: Ages five to eight around eight p.m. Ages nine to twelve about eight-thirty pm. These times give their bodies sufficent sleep they need. Next you need to establish a bed time routine and stick to it. Carrying out virtually the exact same routine each and every night is soothing to children. They know what comes next every step of the way and learn to expect it. For example if your child's bed time is eight, at seven-thirty start preparing them. Give them a warm bath and allow them time to play(Supervised of course)this will help them to wind down. Follow up with goodnights and hugs from the family.

When you enter your child's room turn on only a lamp, not the overhead. This way your child is already getting accustomed to semi-darkness. Follow up with a bed time story but be careful what you choose. Opt for a calm, slow paced story rather than a adventurous, exciting one. After the story, turn off the lamp and switch on a night light. A night light is mandatory if your child is afraid of the dark: having that beam of light can make a world of difference. If you oppose a night light or they haven't worked in the past, consider trying a small flashlight.

This way your child can turn it on only when needed. Never close your child's bedroom door all the way, it can mkae them feel isolated and adds to their fears. If you must close it, do it only half-way.

If you and your child fight night time monsters-try this simple solution. Buy a new spray bottle and fill it with water, add a few drops of your child's favorite color food dye and Voila! You have Monster-B-Gone, go as far as to label the bottle. Anywhere there's a monster-under the bed or wherever spray at them and they dissapear!(Do Not Spray Anything White!) If your child is incessantly thirsty as soon as the lights go out, fill a small cup with water and set it on their nightstand. Explain to them that this is all they get so try to make it last.

Whatever your child's fear may be, always remember that it is truly scaring them. We know that it's not real but to them it's as real as you or I. Do your best to be patient and take comfort in knowing your child was blessed with a great imagination!

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