What Are Some Tips For Decorating A Garden Or Lawn?

What are some tips for decorating a garden or lawn? Learn tips for decorating and preserving your garden accessories. There are as many decorative garden ideas out there as there are plants in Mother Nature....

There are as many decorative garden ideas out there as there are plants in Mother Nature. Wall fountains, ponds, tiki torches, and a host of other products are available to add a special touch to your garden or lawn. Before we can move on to accessories, however, gardeners need to be aware that planning is the most important aspect of decorating any garden.

According to the Better Homes and Gardens website, www.bhg.com, when decorating your garden, everything depends on the size and your skill level. For beginners, small gardens should be attempted first. It should have easy-to-grow plants that require minimal supervision. If you become good at handling and maintenance, then you can consider building a bigger garden with more accessories and decorations.

If you have a medium-sized garden and you are away from your house, consider planting flowers you can enjoy in the evening. Plants that require shade are good for this look. This type of garden should be planned around an existing shade tree.

For larger gardens, you can plan around the type of birds you want to attract. Cottoneaster, viburnum, and other plants produce fruits that are eaten by the birds during the growing season. This garden should be planned around an existing shade tree as well.

Once you have the size of your garden picked out, you can move on to adding items such as pots and waterfalls. Carlton Young, Assistant Manager of the Greenhouse and Gardens Division of Craven Pottery, says just know what you are getting into when you buy products like these.

"If you want to keep your fountains maintained or keep them clean, you should use pond supplies to clean them with. As far as outdoor pots go, what you want to do is put a protective coat on it. You want to put some kind of a coat for the rain and sealant. If you use a sealant for fading, the seal would also add protection from the sun and the rain. As far as the tables or chairs, if you get cast aluminum you are okay. You can paint it or stain it, but you would have to seal the paint also. Usually Thompson sealer that is carried in any hardware store will work. They carry different ones like concrete for your décor,wood or fiberglass," Young says.

The modern garden of today will contain a variety of plants with contrasting color. Know whether you are going with perennials or annuals. Then, you can start planting. A good idea is to plant annuals together in a garden bed. When they don't come back the next year, you can buy completely new plants for your garden. This will add variety and new colors to the eye.

However you decide to decorate your garden with accessories, remember the plants you buy will have a big effect on how you go about doing that. All accessories should accentuate the garden theme you are trying to convey. With time and practice, you will be on your way to making your garden everything you dreamed of.

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