What Are Some Tips For Drilling A Water Well On My Property?

What are some tips for drilling a water well on my property? If city water is not available, consider the volume and quality of water you'll need before drilling a water well on your property. The first...

The first thing you should do is discuss it with a professional well driller. If there is no water available, there is no need to go any further. This is a question that really should have been asked prior to purchasing the property unless there is city water available.

The driller should look at all available water sources. In some areas there are several different layers of water available. It usually it ends up being a trade off - do you want good quality water that may or may not be the best dependable source of water, or do you want to drill extra deep and get the best dependable source of water that may not go dry for many, many years?

If the water quality is poor (and that is the case with a lot of places that I work), we have some shallow layers that that may only last 15 to 20 years, but the water quality is so poor that it takes a quite a bit of treatment to get it usable. You need to look all of the available water sources and pros and cons for each to make a decision based on what your needs are. You need to look at how much water you are going to need - not just how much you will need in a 24 hour period or per month, but how much water you want at a single point in time. If you come home from work, run your dishwasher, wash a load of clothes, water the grass, and take a shower all at the same time, you need to know how many gallons per minute that system is going to use and size your well accordingly. Make sure it is going to handle the volume that you want.

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