Tips For Dying Blonde Hair Brown

Tips on achieving the right shade of brown hair for those with natural blonde hair.

Blonde's have more fun, don't they? It seems that everyone and their mother wants to have blonde hair of some sort. From highlights to lowlights, to fully bleached-out hair, blonde is definitely the color of choice.

But what about those of us who have been blonde for their entire life and desperately want a change? It's no secret that having blonde streaks framing your face tends to make you look older. If a blonde tries to have red highlights put into their hair, the hair dye will react oddly with the natural pigment in blonde hair, turning it pink. If pink is a color that you would like to have, all the power to you and have a great time. For the rest of us, there are some options available, including the wonderful shades of brunette hair.

Let it be recommended that lowlights are a great starting point if you are not used to seeing yourself with dark hair. A temporary color is another option, but can cost close to the same amount of money as a permanent color. Temporary colors wash out within two weeks, while a permanent color can last forever, or at least until your color is cut off.

Lowlights are, quite simply, the reverse of highlights. Thin groups of you hair is either pulled through a cap with tiny holes in it or placed in foil with the appropriate hair color painted on it. You will sit under a heating lamp or hairdryer to allow full penetration of the dye for between ten and thirty minutes, depending on the darkness of your desired shade.

The best shade to start with, for natural blondes, is the natural color underneath your hair. I'm sure that you know that as soon as sunlight hits the top of your hair, the color lightens up, while underneath stays darker. By taking the darker shade form you hair, while working with a professional color consultant, you will be able to adjust your hair color of choice to look as natural as possible.

There are many shades of brown to choose from, including brunette with a hint of amber and auburn. These shades usually end up working with your natural blonde highlights very well, giving a hint of strawberry blonde to both the brown and blonde in your hair.

One very important key to remember is your eyebrows. You don't need to dye them as well, but you will need to purchase an eyebrow pencil that is a bit darker shade than their current color. If you think about how obviously silly it looks when you see someone with dark brown eyebrows and bleach blonde hair, you'll understand the point of darkening your eyebrows a bit.

So maybe blondes really do have more fun, but there is definitely something to be said for going "against the norm" and having your hair color darkened. For what it's worth, you will always be a blonde at heart, and fun will definitely follow you wherever you go and whatever you do.

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