Do You Have Any Tips For A Family Taking Children On An Airplane?

Do you have any tips for a family taking children on an airplane? When you are taking a trip with your family that includes an airplane trip there are many important things you will need to plan for. When...

When you are taking a trip with your family that includes an airplane trip there are many important things you will need to plan for. The first consideration is your tickets. Only children under the age of two are allowed to sit on an adult's lap during a flight and the FAA strongly recommends that even these small children have their own seat with a child safety seat. Beth McGregor, co-founder of tells us, "If having your child sit on your lap works for you definitely consider using a Baby B'Air flight vest because 90% of in flight injuries occur due to turbulence." When your child has his own seat, he must have his own ticket. Some airlines offer discounts on tickets for younger children under two, usually around 50% off. When you are purchasing your tickets, consider what time of the day you will be traveling. Beth says, "Try to fly during non-peak hours. (Typically late midday and mid-week) If you are going on an especially long flight, perhaps think about traveling at night so your child can sleep for the journey. This works very well on non-stop flights."

Make sure you have proper documentation for all of your children when you head off to the airport. Children might need birth certificates to show as ID during these increased times of security. If you are leaving the country be sure you have passports for all of your children, no matter how old they are. If you are leaving the country and are traveling without the other parent of your children, you might need a signed, notarized, consent form. Make sure you also have any medication your children take or might need to take while you are on your trip. Put medication in your carry-on luggage to protect them in the event that your luggage is lost or if your children need medication during the flight.

Many airlines will let adults with small children and safety seats pre-board the plane so that they can get situated without having to deal with the bustle of other passengers. Finding out if this is a possibility beforehand can allow you to plan for what you will do before the flight. If you are traveling alone and have no one to help you to maneuver car seats and children, you might need to ask for help from the flight attendants. Make sure your child safety seat is classified for use on airplanes or you may not be able to use it.

Planning things for your child to do while they are on the plane is very important as well. Beth says, "Keep them rested and entertained." When your child is happy, your flight will go much more smoothly. Be sure to bring plenty of snacks for your children in your carry-on luggage as most airlines no longer serve food and a hungry child is a cranky child. Include a selection of hard candies, gum, or lollipops for children to eat during takeoff and landing when the pressure might hurt their ears. Have plenty of books, crayons, paper, and other activities for your child to play with on the plane. Portable DVD players or CD players with headphones are a great way to keep your child busy and quiet on a plane. Bring a long a selection of movies or recorded books. Remember that your child will be confined to their seat for most of the flight and to take steps for keeping him occupied. If your child is restless and bored, he may begin to annoy other passengers.

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