Tips For Gambling On College Football

The basics of gambling on college football are statistics, information and analysis. The right combination of any of these can increase your chances of winning the bet.

Wagering on college football has numerous facets and levels to it. Obtaining a basic understanding of the structure and types of bets that can be placed is the most primary area to start with. Also looking at statistics, information and analyzing such can help to make a more informed choice when wagering.

The first area to look at is the types of bets and what they mean. Certain words or phrases have specific meaning when it comes to wagering on college football.

SPORTS BOOK: A professional sports wagering company that sets betting lines (spreads) and types of bets based on their professional information.

FAVORITE: This is the team believed to have the best chance of winning based on the sports book .

UNDERDOG: This is the team not expected to win ,but has points given to them before the game starts to even the probability of them winning.

SPREAD: This a number assigned to the underdog or favorite teams by a professional sports book in Las Vegas. If team A is the underdog and the spread is 10, then when the game ends team A is given 10 points on their total score. If team B is the favorite and the same spread is used , then when the game ends 10 points are subtracted from their total score.

MONEY LINE: This is a number to increase or decrease the wager payout. If one chooses the underdog the payout is set higher then even money. If the choice is the favorite then the payout will be less then even money wagered. Betting on the money line is a straight t wager. Meaning there is no spread and the game is decided by the normal outcome. This is why the favorite pays out less and the underdog pays out higher.

TOTAL: This is the total score of both teams when the game is over. The total is used to create a point from which the next two types of bets can be placed.

OVER: this refers to the total score set by the sports book. Wagering on the over means you believe the total score will be higher then this number.

UNDER: this refers to the total score being lower then the total. Placing a wager here wins if the total score of a game falls below this number.

PROP: this a bet placed on what a certain player or team might do statistically during the game. They are structured like an over/under type of wager. This type of wager is very popular when using statistics as a wagering tool.

PARLAY: this wager consists of betting on 2, 3, 4 etc"¦ or more teams. All of the teams you choose must win to be paid. Each parlay has odds to make the pay wager more attractive. 2 teams usually has a payout of 2.6 to 1, and a 3 team parlay usually has a payout of 6 to 1.

Having a understanding of wagering terms and types will make it easier to make a choice. There are no sure things in wagering. But using a fundamental knowledge base of what your doing will increase your chances over the long haul. Following statistics, trends or gut instincts never proved any more effective then the other when it came to wagering on college football.

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