Tips For Growing Roses

Caring for and growing roses takes some know-how. Try these tips!

Roses are quite possibly one of the most popular and the most beautiful flowers. Planting an caring for roses can be a fun and gratifying pastime. They are generally easy to grow, but they do require preparation, regular care, and attention. With the right care and devotion, you can grow beautiful roses to show off and enjoy.

"Burpee: Complete Gardener", published by Macmillan, says that roses should be planted during dormancy at the beginning of spring or late in the fall. It also says roses need at least six hours of full sunlight each day. Try to find a location where your roses will not be crowded. Planting roses too close together can cause diseases to develop.

According to the same book, the soil should be prepared before planting by tilling it to a depth of two feet. While doing so, you should mix in manure or compost. Also, the ph or the acidity of the soil needs to fall between 6.4 and 6.8. Adding limestone will raise the alkaline level, and adding leaf compost or sulfer will raise the amount of acidity. Keeping these levels in check will ensure your roses are getting the proper nutrients. The book goes on to say that the base of the stem should be about one to two inches below the ground, and the hole should be dug accordingly. The hole should also be large enough to accommodate the roots without crowding or restricting them. In the center of the hole the soil needs to be mounded up and the plant placed over the mound. The soil can then be packed firmly around the rose.

"Burpee: Complete Gardener", says that pruning is not necessary for the majority of roses the first year, and during the second year they should not require much pruning if any. The best time to do this is during dormancy. When pruning is required, the book says all unhealthy, dead, and intersecting branches should be removed with top quality pruning shears. Pruning now and then will promote new blooms, and removing dead flowers will also promote growth.

Your roses should be fertilized regularly, according to the book. If your roses are newly planted it is best to fertilize after the first cycle of blooms. Otherwise, while your roses are actively blooming, they should be fertilized every three weeks. It is also mentioned that chicken manure is great for roses when worked into the soil once every third winter and before new growth sprouts in the spring. Besides providing beneficial nutrients to the soil, the manure will help protect your roses when there is a hard frost and in locations where winters are cold.

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