Tips for growning long, healthy hair

Learn about several simple steps you can take to achieve the long, healthy hair you've always wanted.

For centuries, the achievement of long, healthy hair has been a sign of beauty and wealth. Even in today's world of chopped and layered styles, long hair is still considered very desirable. Most women with long, shiny locks are envied and thought to be unusually fortunate, but the truth is that long hair is achievable by most women if they simply take a few precautionary steps.

You should first be aware of the fact that the only way to completely get rid of extremely damaged hair is to remove it. This means cutting off any amount of damaged hair you currently have. This may seem like it is taking a step backwards, but damaged ends can spread through the rest of your hair and actually sabotage any hair growth you might be able to achieve. This is also why it is important to trim your hair regularly. To grow healthy locks, have your hair trimmed approximately half an inch every three to four months. After your hair has reached your preferred length, you should have it trimmed half an inch every month.

Hair is essentially dead protein by the time you ever see it, so the best way to promote healthy hair growth is to start from the inside out. Make sure you diet is healthy and nourishing. Be sure you are taking in plenty of vitamins and protein, all of which encourage healthy hair growth. Eliminate unhealthy foods from your diet, and try to limit your use of nicotine and alcohol.

Stress and lack of sleep can stunt your hair growth and can actually cause hair loss in the long run. Make sure you are getting at least six to eight hours of sleep every night. Try to eliminate as much stress from your life as possible. Taking these steps alone can cause dramatic improvement in your hair growth.

Avoid exposing your hair to extreme heat. This includes hot water, curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, and hot rollers. Heat weakens the hair and subjects it to damage. Exposing your hair to extreme heat on a daily basis will limit the potential length of your hair and can cause your hair to look less brilliant and healthy.

Contact with harsh chemicals should also be avoided when trying to achieve long, healthy hair. This includes perms and dyes, as well as exposure to chlorine, bleaches, and salt water. Limit your contact with these substances to avoid damaging your hair and limiting its growth.

Wet hair is weak and easily damaged. Never brush your hair when it is wet, and avoid wringing or rubbing your hair harshly with a towel. To dry your hair, gently squeeze the water out of your hair with a towel. Wait until your hair is dry to brush or comb it.

Be gentle when you brush your hair. Vigorous brushing can cause damage and breakage in your hair. Always use a smooth, wide-tooth comb or a brush made out of natural boar bristles. These tools will cause the least amount of damage to your hair.

Achieving long, luscious hair is possible for every woman. Taking these simple steps will ensure that your hair will grow more quickly and look more beautiful.

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