Tips For Healthy-Looking Skin

Healthy skin is the hallmark of youth and vitality. Use these tips as a guideline to creating a softer suppler look.

Skin - the largest organ of the body - needs your help to stay healthy looking.The skin reflects what is taking place in the body.Assisting the skin to eliminate toxins and reflect the good health of the body is your job.

How do we assist the body?Here are several tips to follow that will keep the skin soft, supple and at its best.

1. Hydrate your skin.This means drinking plenty of water.Drinking water keeps the skin supple and less likely to wrinkle.Water plumps the skin and also helps the body to eliminate and wash itself internally.

2. Keep your skin clean.This does not mean scrubbing it raw or using all kinds of products on it to get it clean.Cleansing the skin with a good, mild cleanser will do the trick.Scrubbing, using harsh products or cleansing too often can remove surface oils that are important to retaining the suppleness of the skin.Just like the oils we ingest, in skin care there are good oils and bad oils.Removing the good oils by over cleansing can cause other problems like dry flaky skin or worsen dermatitis.

3. Removing all makeup at the end of the day is important.Do not sleep with makeup on.Remove it all before putting your face into your pillow at night.Rolling your face around in your makeup all night long will keep the dirt and gunk on and in the skin.The skin must breathe to renew itself and old dirty makeup prevents this from happening.

4. Eat healthy.Stay away from foods that will clog the body with toxins and waste.The blood system must eliminate these toxins and will often attempt to unload them through the skin.This causes all kinds of skin eruptions.Fruits and vegetables will help the body eliminate better.

5. Protect your skin.Protect your skin from the sun, the weather and the environment.Use a good quality SPF-15 or higher on your face and neck when applying makeup or when you are bare faced.Use a lip protector too.Wear a hat.Wear sunglasses.Do whatever it takes to protect your skin.Overexposure to weather and sun exposure can cause the skin to age faster.

6. Stop smoking, or avoid places where there are smokers, to protect your skin further.The toxic chemicals in cigarettes enter your blood stream and are blown across the skin.The skin can become dried out and age prematurely from smoking or being around cigarette smoke.Smoking can cause blood vessels to constrict which prevents the easy flow of blood to the skin.Blood delivers essential nutrients to the skin and if it is unable to do so the skin becomes robbed of the ability to breathe.

7. Don't just sleep, sleep well.Get the right amount of sleep.Seven to eight hours is about right for the average adult.If you are not getting that amount then figure out why and make changes.Create a safe and cozy space to sleep in.Your body needs this amount of sleep to operate at full speed and to conduct all the repair work it undertakes when you are at rest.Yes, you can operate on less but your body suffers.Bags under your eyes may be an indicator of not enough sleep over long periods of time.

8. Add exercise to your daily routine.Exercise can stimulate the blood flow in the body and ultimately the flow to your skin.This increases skin tone and elasticity.With the proper exercise, good eating habits and lots of water, your skin will glow.

9. Finally, don't forget the vitamins and minerals.Take a good multi-vitamin daily.Your eating habits may be admirable but they can never cover the full amount of vitamin and mineral intake you really need.

Remember, it won't happen overnight but making a few changes can definitely alter the course of your skins ability to thrive.Making a simple change, like adding more water to your diet, can show up within several weeks as plumper softer skin.

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