Tips for hopalong cassidy collectors

As Hopalong Cassidy merchandise continues to raise in value, you might want to become a collector yourself! Find out some helpful tips.

Writer Clarence E. Mulford (1883-1956) gave birth to one of the most popular cowboys in America's history when he penned his first "Bar-20" book in 1907. The cowboy was named Hopalong Cassidy, and his sidekick - as every cowboy hero had at that time- was his white horse named Topper. More books followed the success of the first one, then movies followed with a handsome actor named William Boyd playing the lead part. The first western movie featuring Hopalong Cassidy appeared in 1935.

Today, fans of the famous cowboy, collectors, and people who are looking for an investment that always increases in value, all have collectible merchandise that pertains to Hopalong Cassidy. For example, a Hopalong Cassidy alarm clock that originally sold for about three dollars is now worth over one thousand dollars! Other items you can collect include books, western outfits, fishing poles, pogo sticks, window curtains, and much, much more!

If you're interested in becoming a collector, or you are already, there are some important tips you should know so that you can have the best Hopalong Cassidy collection around.

First, before you even look around for merchandise that bears the cowboy's name, you should do your homework. Here's a tip for you- one of the best resources for learning how much this memorabilia is worth is a book that's appropriately titled, "Hopalong Cassidy Collectibles". Written by Joseph Caro, this writer is known as the leading authority on Hopalong Cassidy items. You can find the book by visiting your local book store or by performing a search on the Internet.

Don't forget to check your local library to find out what other books writers have penned about

collecting these western items.

Now that you have read the book and familiarized yourself on what type of collectible were made, and what they are worth, you can start your collection. Or, if you already have some Hopalong Cassidy items, you can start to add to your existing collection.

You can visit flea markets, garage sales, estate auctions, and other places where collector items might be sold. You might luck out and be able to buy some items for a lesser amount than they're actually valued at. You can also check the Internet- especially antique stores- to see what they have available. But, you'll pay full price because these dealers know what they have and their value.

If you just want to collect Hopalong Cassidy memorabilia, you can simply find items and buy the ones you like. But, if you're buying on a budget, then you'll need to be careful how much you pay for each piece of memorabilia.

You've probably heard of art dealers who spent a lot of money on a picture they thought was an original... only to find out the picture is a fraud. Here's an important tip- make sure the item you want to purchase is an original Hopalong Cassidy product. The art world isn't the only place where thieves prey on unknowing people. There are frauds in the world of old western collectibles too! Examples of Hopalong Cassidy frauds include watches, alarm clocks, cookie jars, cap guns, and more. So, familiarize yourself with the original memorabilia so you can be sure you're getting the real thing before you buy.

Finally, here's another important tip you need to know: don't forget to include your Hopalong Cassidy collection under your household insurance policy. That way, if it gets destroyed or stolen, your investment will be covered.

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