Tips To Improve Your Golf Swing

If there's room for improvement with your swing, here are a few tips that can help you take better aim.

If you enjoy golfing, you probably are open to suggestions for improving your swing. Here are a few tips that might help you out.

The first thing you want to do is learn to address the ball correctly. The bigger the club the more you want to spread your feet. When you use a driver, your feet should be spread shoulder length. Then slowly bring your feet together as you get to your middle irons.

When you get to your wedge, your feet should not be as far open. Your driver should be played off the inside left heel of your left foot. Your five irons should be played in the middle of your stance. The wedge will be played off the right heel, which causes your ball to stop on the green or back up the ball.

When you prepare to swing, begin with your shoulder turning slightly, which will cause your weight and hips to shift. As you slowly lift your club, do not cock your wrist too soon. Try to shorten your swing and make sure you stay down and get the ball through on your down swing. What pro golfers do so well is they hit the ball solid every time. What you can do is hit the ball solid every time by not trying to kill it. You might connect half the time when you over-swing, but to score better you need to be more consistent. You will not lose distance if you hit the ball at a solid angle. You can add weight to the club head of your driver or buy a graphite shaft. Remember, when you start down on your swing, don't let your right shoulder begin the swing or you won't be able to come over the top and you will develop a slice.

Have you ever had a good round going and out of nowhere you shanked the ball? This kills your score, of course, and then the problem can mentally get in your head so you start shanking more and more. I have seen players walk off the course without finishing their round of golf because they were so upset. A shank happens when you swing inside out or outside in. To cure the inside out swing, lay a towel on the green just outside your target line, and aim for it when you swing. This will force you to make a better pivotal motion through the ball, and with enough practice, cure the in to out path.

For the outside in shank, place a towel or similar object just outside the ball but angle it into right field. Try to swing from the inside, attempting to hit the extreme in side of the ball and not the towel. This will force your swing path to come from the inside and not over the top.

Keep in mind that the more you practice, the easier this will be to do. It will take a little time for you to become comfortable with this swing, but that is just normal. Try to go to a driving range so that you can hit off grass and not mats or artificial objects.

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