Do You Have Any Tips For Interior Decorating On A Budget?

Do you have any tips for interior decorating on a budget? You can garbage pick and find some creative gadgets. There are ways to decorate, simply just on the budget. You can save yourself some money on not...

There are ways to decorate, simply just on the budget. You can save yourself some money on not wanting to hire an professional interior designer that will probably cost you a $100,000. You've decided that you're going to take charge into doing the work yourself.

I find that many stores likes Walmart, Marshalls, Target, and even dollar stores that are affordable and not too expensive, are well worth spending your money. You can find discounted and clearance items at the department store and not have to pay regular price whatsoever. As for the dollar store you can get everything at a buck and see the interesting stuff they have. If you're planning to start off on a less expensive budget......


1.) Try shopping for things at a flea market or a garage sale, this way it can save you money.

2.) It helps if you're a handyman, a craftsman, or an interior design or if you know someone that can do these things. Perhaps it can even be your friends or family that can help you out instead of hiring high priced professionals.

3.) Doing the paint job yourself and not hire a painter..

4.) Restoring old furniture that you have to make it more updated.

5.) As for the clutter, that's part of a problem in your home. Use plastic containers that cost $7-$25. Storage cubes that are $12-$35.

"I am still a big fan of keeping my eyes open, because people will still just put things out on their curb or sell it in a garage sale versus going on ebay. They know someone will pick it up. So I think to keep your eyes open for the trash to treasure opportunities is great. My philosophy is accept any and all hand-me-downs." says Mary Noe, Academic Director of Interior Design at the Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumberg.

Begin thinking creative and smart. Old stuff can be just as good as the new stuff. Mix match both traditional and modern. Have a 3-D design software to help you decorating ideas. I would say, "first you would have to live with the fact that your decorating with old things and cheap merchandise." There are some things that are not totally cheezy and outdated. Just give your buying budgeting a chance to prevail. Once in awhile you'll find some great stuff that are being sold by people who have no more use of their things, there can be a dinnerware set that can go good with your forks, knives, or cabinet that you can display them on. "For your sake, it's better not to make a quick judgment."

Mary would suggest, "People should not be intimidated or embarrassed by living within their means. People should take a lot of pride in using their creativity and working within their means to create a beautiful life for themselves. They should take pride in their creativity versus being embarrassed by their budget situation."

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