Do You Have Any Tips For Investing In Real Estate?

Do you have any tips for investing in real estate? You have to recognize the liquidity of the real estate, the long-term transaction costs and costs of holding the real estate. You should have less that 20% invested in real estate, and zero is not a problem.

First of all, you recognize that your personal home, you should not be making big investment bets on that. Secondly, to recognize that while recent performance particularly some places has been very strong. In real estate, there is also the flipside of it. I saw very substantial depreciation in real estate in Texas as a matter of fact in 1980s then it does go both ways. Third, to recognize that unlike stocks and bonds, which at least if they are established companies, you can liquidity and have your cash in five days. You cannot necessarily liquidate real estate quickly. So, recognize that is in liquid. If you got some knowledge and you want to view it as an additional asset class that is fine, but recognize first and foremost liquidity of it, secondly recognize a very substantial long-term at a very substantial transaction costs, and costs of holding real estate. Outside your home, I would encourage people to have less than 20% invested in real estate and I would not be worried if somebody had zero.

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