Tips For Keeping Cool This Summer

Read this article to find out how you can beat the heat this summer!

1. Keep the Heat Outside

Did you know that if you keep your blinds or drapes closed in the daytime, that it will keep your house cooler? An estimated thirty per cent, in fact! You can open your house, and open the blinds and drapes up in the cool evenings, but not in the daytime.

2. Drink, Drink, Drink

The experts recommend that each one of us drink at least six to eight glasses of water daily. This is especially important in the summer time when heat dehydrates our bodies faster.

3. Reduce the Heat

Incandescent light bulbs generate much heat. If you replace them with cool operating fluorescent bulbs, it will help to reduce the heat in your house.

4. Keep A Cool Head

Just dip a bandanna in cool water and wrap it around your head! When you dip it to refresh it, wipe off your face and neck too.

5. Turn the AC Up

Air conditioning can be a real lifesaver in the summer. If you don't have it in your home, then use the air conditioning in your car for a break from the heat.

6. Or, Turn the Fan On!

A box or ceiling fan can work great at helping you to keep cool this summer! Remember to use a ceiling fan so that the blades are blowing the heat down from the ceiling.

7. Purchase a Cooling Vest

If you work outside in the heat, a cooling vest can help keep you cool and healthy! Simply soak it in cold water and beat the heat as the water evaporates and cools your body.

8. Cook or Eat Out, and Hang Out

A barbecue grill or eating your dinners out will help to keep excess heat out of your house. And, hanging clothes out to dry will save heat and energy too! Avoid using your oven in the daytime. If you must use it, save baking for the morning or evening hours.

9. Dress Light with Cotton

Dark colored clothing absorb heat but light colored, lightweight clothing will help make you feel comfortable this summer. Cotton fabric is especially breathable and suitable to wear in the heat. Cotton socks allow the sweat from your feet to evaporate too.

10. Avoid Dehydration

Alcoholic beverages, caffeinated coffee, teas, and soda tend to dehydrate you. So, in order to stay hydrated, avoid them on hot summer days. Instead, choose decaffeinated drinks and plenty of water!

11. Borrow the Kid's Pool

Have no place to swim except in the kid's wading pool? Then, use it! You don't have to be completely covered in water to keep cool. Just sitting or dangling your feet in a small pool will help to refresh you!

12. Check the Attic

Don't forget to check the attic to make sure the vents are wide open. Since heat rises, attic vents provide a way for the heat that builds up in that part of the house to escape.

13. Hold Off on the Baby Oil...

and other heavy lotions. These types of oil close the pores in your body and actually make you sweat.

14. Take Advantage of Your Basement

The basement is always the coolest part of a house. If you can vegetables, for example, set up

a canning station in the basement. That way, it will keep the heat out of your living areas.

If your basement is finished or contains a family room, spend time down there and beat the heat.

15. Wear a Hat

And, the bigger the better! A hat will not only protect your head and neck from sunburn, but it will also provide needed shade!

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