What Are Some Tips For Large Kitchen Remodeling?

What are some tips for large kitchen remodeling? In remodeling a home, you have so many options with a large kitchen. When asked "What are some tips for large kitchen remodeling?" Jason Flippo, who is the...

When asked "What are some tips for large kitchen remodeling?" Jason Flippo, who is the owner and president of Signature Home Improvement Inc, which is a business that concentrates on remodeling kitchens and living areas, offers these suggestions: "The main thing that we do is completely tear out the kitchen cabinets to make room for all the new custom cabinets. We custom finish them. We usually add a new countertop, lighting, painting, crown molding, and floors. Lights are better underneath the upper cabinets so they can shine down onto the counter tops. There are loads of choices as far as counter tops, cabinet styles, door styles, and colors, ceramic tiles for floors and backsplashes, and natural stone tiles."

The book "Home Project Manager: Kitchen Planner", published in 1997 by Cowles Creative Publishing, offers the following information and tips when choosing kitchen cabinets: "If you're buying stock cabinets, the dealer should be able to provide you with a brochure showing all the cabinets offered by the manufacturer, as well as information on custom adaptations that may be available. If you're planning custom-made cabinets, you'll need to consult with the cabinetmaker, a designer or an architect for help in planning the space and determining the exact dimensions of each cabinet."

For the sake of simplicity, we will just be listing some standard cabinets and their features to give you a basic idea on where to start. The book goes on to say, "Base Cabinets can be mounted with doors or drawers, or a combination of both...When ordering door cabinets...roll-our shelves cost more because of the extra hardware, but they are well worth the expense, considering the added convenience they offer." Not only in terms of how much extra storage space, but also in time when you won't have to get on your hands and knees to clear out the cabinet looking for something that has disappeared in the back of it. "Corner Cabinets equipped with storage carousels...offer great use of otherwise inconvenient of inaccessible space. Double-Sided Base Cabinets, those with doors front and back, are designed for peninsulas or islands"; which, when doing a large kitchen remodel, you should look into. Not only do these things provide further storage, food preparation and serving space but they are also a great place to add stools under for informal eating. Wall Cabinets also come in the Double-Sided variety as well as the same corner units available with carousels. The book also goes on to talk about 'extras' such as "Built-in Appliance Garages" to keep your small appliances tucked away and if there is enough space, to even use part of it to install a custom desk. "A desk provides a place to work on household finances, a spot for kids to do their homework, and a convenient family telephone and message center. Place some shelves above the desk and you have a handy place to plan meals and grocery shopping."

Speaking of "extras", if you have everything you need as far as storage space, do not waste the additional room with more cabinets when they are not necessary. If you entertain a lot, or even if it's just for a larger extended family at the holidays, you could think about using the space for an extra oven, or maybe even a dishwasher. If it's wall cabinets that you can cut back on, you could add some beautiful shelves to showcase a collection of plates or tea-pots. No matter what you decide, just make sure to create a kitchen that's truly your own.

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