Tips On Line Drying Clothing

If you are line drying your clothing to save on utilities learn to hang efficintly and also have less to iron.

In our modern world sure we have electric and gas clothes dryers but when you hang out the clothes it costs you nothing and yes it is harder, but isn't it worth the time and the effort, sure it is. Naturally when the weather is bad you'll be making sure of the dryer but you can save lots

by hanging out those clothes.

Start off with a good quality clothes line, and have the lints very tight so that your clothes won't make the line sag when you hang them. Every month or so take a rag with a pine oil solution and warm water and wipe off the clothesline or perhaps more frequent depending on your area nd the bugs and even birds. If you don't keep your lines clean the clothes will tell that you don't.

Let's hang sheets, yes there is an art to hanging sheets to have less wrinkles also. First you will fold them double, hem to hem, then turn about three or four inches over the line and pin. Or you could fold in half if that is easier for you.

Make sure that your clothespins are snag-free and clean also. Run your fingers down the selvage edges to make sure they are smooth. If you hang them this way, the sheets will dry evenly and will be easier to iron, if you iron, if not they'll have many less wrinkles. This method usually makes them so smooth that ironing is unnecessary. You'll need to fold them as you take them off the line also, don't just take them off the line and put in the laundry basket, they will wrinkle and all your work in hanging will be in vain.

If you need to hang men's shirts, first fold double by bringing the two shirt fronts together, then hang by the tail, folding thre or four inches over the line, then pin at the ends. If you hand them and place pins on the shoulders or most any other part of the man's shirt you

will have an indentation that is sometimes permanent or hard to iron out afterwards. If you have permanent press shirts that won't require ironing if hung correctly you might want to place them on a hanger and then put on the clothesline to dry outside for that wonderful outdoor smell.

To hang towels, you will need to fold either one third or double over the line. Shake them really well, this restores the softness and fluffiness and never hang by the corners and you'll get permanent indentations on them and they will never look pretty again.

Notice the prevailing wind so that when you hang the clothes the wind will dry them easily and always be sure the sleeves on garments aren't caught inside the item, always have them free flowing so they will dry evenly.You don't want to bring in a pajama top and then have to hang

to dry as the sleeves weren't line dried correctly.

Hang your dresses and pants, knitted garments, and any items you want to hold in their original shape on hangers and then secure the hanger to the line with clothespins.

If you will wear a pair of lightweight cotton gloves inside rubber gloves when hanging wash in the winter your hands will be protected and you'll be able to handle the clothes easily.

To clean your clothespins, place them in a mesh bag and swish thru warm sudsy water, rinse then hang on the line to dry.

Oh and don't hang those socks in matching order, those can be sorted when you bring in the laundry and please make sure your laundry basket is clean. Now save money and have fun with hanging out your clothing.

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