Tips For Making Earrings : A Pair Of Dainty Rosebuds

Instructions on making earrings using miniature rose buds. Great gifts for bridesmaids.

Making your own earrings can be not only fun, but very rewarding. These dainty looking earrings for pierced ears, made with miniature rosebuds, will not only look elegant, but would make a great gift for bridesmaids. They would complete any wedding assemble, and can be worn by the recipients for other special occasions. I am going to give you the instructions for two different types of earrings, the first will be a pair of teardrop earrings and the second a pair of rosebud/bow earrings.

Here is what you will need for the first project, the teardrop earrings. (this will be for one pair of earrings). All of these items can be purchased at a craft shop, or in a department store with a craft section.

2 miniature rosebuds (these can be either dried, or they now make some very nice "dry-look" silk roses, these can be purchased in just about any color imaginable.

2 1-inch eye pins

2 6mm pearls

2 3 mm clear faceted beads

Tacky Glue

Needle-nose pliers

2 Teardrop hoops (this is the loop at the end of the earring)

2 Fishhook findings (these are the part of the earring that goes through your ear)

Push your eye pin up through the center of each rosebud. Slip the 6 mm pearl onto each eye pin, on the stem end of the rosebud. Secure the pearl to the end of the rosebud with a drop of tacky glue. Next put the clear bead on the pin, next to the pearl. Use the needle-nose pliers to bend the end of the eye pin into a loop. Slip the loop through the hole in the teardrop hoop, now carefully squeeze the loop closed with the pliers. (In case you are having difficultly visualizing this, the rosebud will be hanging upside down.) Insert the loop of the fishhook finding through the hole at the top of the teardrop hoop. Using your needle-nose pliers, squeeze this loop closed also. That is it, very simple.

The second set of earrings are the rosebud/bow earrings.

You will need for one pair of these earrings:

2 miniature rosebuds

2 1-inch eye pins

2 3mm pearls

tacky glue

needle-nose pliers

2 fishhook findings

12-inches of 5/16 inch wide gold mesh wire edged ribbon

Push your eye pin up through the center of each rosebud. Slip a 3mm pearl over each eye pin up to the stem end of the rosebud. Secure the end of the rosebud to the pearl with a drop of tacky glue. Snip off the excess of the eye pin, leaving just enough to form a loop. Using your needle-nose pliers, form a loop in the end of the eye pin, slip this loop though the loop in the end of the fishhook finding. Again, making sure that the rosebud is hanging upside down. Using a 6-inch piece of your ribbon, make a bow shape by folding and twisting the wire edged ribbon, slip this bow into the loop on the fishhook finding also. Now using your needle-nose pliers, squeeze the open loop on the fishhook finding closed. Make any adjustments to your bow, and trim the ends off at an angle.

Have fun with creating these rosebuds earrings for your special occasion, or to give as gifts. And you will definitely have a one of a kind gift-type jewelry that anyone will enjoy recieving.

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