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Kansans know Kansas is a

At the center of the United States, Kansas is one of our nation's top agricultural states. Often identified by its flat plains, Kansas actually is home to rolling hills, wide-open prairies, as well as bustling, metropolitan areas. Although the main source of its economy is from farming of wheat and other crops, Kansas is also knows for its cattle-producing areas. The metropolitan city of Kansas City, Kansas is home to major business centers such as Sprint and also boasts major sporting events, outstanding restaurants and high-quality school districts.

Kansas, a Sioux word meaning "people of the south wind" experiences definite season changes throughout the year. Winters in Kansas record an average temperature of 30 degrees Fahrenheit while summers can average 79 degrees Fahrenheit but often reach into the 100's with humidity. Originally labeled as the "Great American Desert", Kansas, now known as the "Sunflower State", experiences seasons of varied rainfall, usually happening between April and September. The Indian summers bring magnificent foliage changes in October while the Kansas spring bursts in March as the winter browns turn to bright greens and beautiful flowers. Although Kansas is part of "Tornado Alley" the sophisticated weather technology affords its residents safety warnings in advance.

Kansas City, Kansas is the largest metropolitan city which includes the suburban cities of Overland Park, Lenexa, Olathe, Shawnee and Blue Valley. Located within these areas are top-quality and affordable housing with excellent neighborhood public and private schools. The districts of Shawnee Mission, Olathe and Blue Valley are all noted for excellence in schools and their national high standards. Kansas also boasts three nationally-noted universities; Kansas State University, Kansas University and Wichita University. All three schools offer a variety of degreed programs, as well as, nationally-recognized athletic teams and programs.

Kansas' colorful history offers visitors and residents many different historical sites to visit. What once was designated as an area for Indian reservations, settlers traveling on the Oregon Trail and Santa Fe Trails to the west found Kansas to be good agricultural land. The history of Kansas is rich in its part of the United States' western expansion with stories of settlers, outlaws, bloody Civil War battles and home of numerous Indian tribes.

Visitors and residents will find a place to cheer for major league sports such as the Kansas City Royals baseball franchise and the Kansas City Chiefs football team. Also, NASCAR racing, excellent shopping, fine dining and nationally-recognized art galleries are part of the draw for tourists and residents. For the outdoor enthusiast, Kansas has many lakes and reservoirs for camping, fishing and all-sports, such as boating, water-skiing and jet-skiing. Hunters will also find Kansas a great place to hunt, especially in the western part of the state, where game enthusiasts find a variety of animals for hunting.

Although many people may see Kansas as a state with very little to offer, the residents will tell you it is a "best kept" secret. The quality of its schools and neighborhoods for families, the metropolitan cities home to friendly people, the distinct seasons and its central location offer a Kansan a great place to live. As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, "There is no place like home!" and many people are happy to call Kansas their home.

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