Tips for moving to new hampshire

Tips on moving to the Granite State including getting your new driver's license, registering your car, and important tax information.

If you are considering moving to any state in the northeastern United States, New Hampshire is one of your best options.

New Hampshire has been rated the northeastern state with the lowest tax burden for its residents, as there is no income tax, sales tax, or excise tax. However, the state must pay their bills somehow, so New Hampshire does have a hefty property tax on homes. This tax can vary significantly from town to town, so be sure to do your homework and get a property tax estimate before committing to buying your property.

Some towns in New Hampshire have implemented a View Tax. If you live in a location where there is a scenic view, you just might be taxed on it. Check with your realtor if you have any concerns or questions about the View Tax.

Another lure of New Hampshire is the fact that automobile insurance is not mandatory, thus the annual cost of a typical policy can be half of their neighboring states. Be advised that if you are carrying a loan with your vehicle you will still need to have the proper insurance coverage mandated by your original loan agreement.

While commuting to your job at least forty minutes each way is quite the norm, you need to be careful as to where you work. Although New Hampshire doesn't have an income tax, the neighboring states, like Massachusetts, do. If you live in New Hampshire and work in one of these states, you will be responsible to pay the income tax for the state in which you work. This can result in a much higher tax rate for you because you will be essentially paying the higher New Hampshire property tax on your home and having to pay the other state's income tax. So just make sure that you are working in New Hampshire if you chose to live there to get the most out of your tax dollars without needless over spending.

Getting Your New Driver's License

New Hampshire tries to keep things as simple as possible, and getting your new driver's license can be simple if you know what you need to do.

First, you will need to have a vehicle registered in your name. All that you need to do is bring your vehicle's title (or letter from your lender stating that they have your title) to the town clerk located at your local town office. You will pay two registration fees - one to the town and the other to the state. Your registration can be used as proof of residency which you will need to get your driver's license. You have sixty days from moving into the state to get your car registered.

After registering your car, you will have ten days to get your New Hampshire license. You will need to bring an original copy of your birth certificate, not a photo copy as they will need to see the seal imprinted on the document. If you have had your name changed, such as if you have been married, you will need a copy of this document as well to show why your name was changed. Finally, you will need proof of residency, like your car registration. If your car wasn't registered in your name, ask the town clerk to give you a letter that you can use as proof. Also, don't forget your old driver's license.

Take all of your documents to the closest Registry of Motor Vehicles. Be sure to check with the Registry for the particular times in which you can transfer an out of state license as they tend to not hold all services every day of the week. Give the required information to the designated worker along with a fee of around $50, and they will hand you a shiny, new temporary driver's license valid for about six months. Your new one will arrive in the mail within the six month time frame.

The Fresh Air Will Do You Some Good

Breathtaking views, picture postcard towns and smog-free air are also lures to move into New Hampshire. With a laid back lifestyle, your stress levels seem to drop almost immediately.

New Hampshire is a popular destination spot for people all over the world because of some of these reasons. Wouldn't it be nice to actually live where you are relaxed and carefree? You can always go back to the city for vacations.

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