Tips And Options For Bikini Line Hair Removal

Products and methods of bikini hairline removal can be simple and painless or complex and painful. You can save money or pay hundreds for laser therapy.

Hair removal is a significant part of many women's beauty routine. And there is no part of the body that is beyond the reaches of hair removal. Some parts of the body require more attention than others. The bikini hairline area is one that requires special consideration when removing hair.

Any technique such as shaving, waxing, threading, depilatories, electrolysis and laser therapy can be used to remove hair at the bikini line. Each poses it's own benefits as well as problems. Because the bikini hairline is sensitive, each option should be carefully considered.


Shaving is the fastest way to a hairless bikini line. It is better to use a two to four blade razor. The additional blades ensure a smooth and close shave. Also choose a blade with a moisturizing strip. The strip adds soothing moisturizers to the just shaved area. This helps to relieve or prevent any minor irritation. Electric razors produce the closest shave possible.

The drawback to using a razor in the bikini area is ingrown hairs. An ingrown hair is a re-emerging hair that curls or initially grows back under the skin. These bumps are not only unsightly, but may be painful. Razor bumps can be cured with topical ointments. But if one is predisposed to this situation, it is inevitable to return.

Depilatories are creams that remove hair by dissolving it. Depilatories come in easy to use tubes, usually with a roll-on application. After allowing the depilatory to sit for a while, rinse it off. Depilatories dissolve the hair to the root, thus eliminating the possibility of ingrown hairs. The negative aspect of depilatories is the smell. There are scented depilatories, but the effect is minimum.

Waxing the bikini area has grown more popular over the years. Waxing is done by applying hot wax to the area with a flat wooden stick (similar to a popsicle stick). A cotton or linen strip is placed on the area, and abruptly snatched off. The hair is removed from the root, and gradually grows back thinner. The results are the smoothest because the hair is removed from the root.

Because the bikini line area is sensitive, waxing may prove to be too painful. There is a relatively new product on the market that addresses the pain factor. It is a painless wax. It actually is an anesthetic infused wax that numbs the area it is applied to. It is similar in effect to the application of Novocain to the gum line. The numbness minimizes the pain to a simple sensation.

Some women experience a temporary redness and inflammation of the bikini line area immediately after waxing. Therefore this is not a good last minute method for a dip in the pool or a romantic evening.

Another painful method to be avoided is threading. Threading is an ancient East Indian beauty ritual. It involves a cotton string that is intricately woven and held between the fingers. Through a method of rolling, the hairs are caught between the thread folds and extracted. This method, like waxing produces smooth results. But it is best for the eyebrow and less sensitive areas of the body. Also it would be extremely time consuming to do threading in the bikini line area.

Some women desire permanent hairline removal in the bikini area. Electrolysis produces permanent hair removal. Performed by a professional, electric currents are distributed to the shaft via the individual hairs. The current detaches the hair from the follicle as well as destroys the follicle. Eventually hair ceases to grow from that area.

Electrolysis requires several treatments before permanent hair removal is achieved. These treatments can cost hundreds of dollars a session. If one is budget conscious, electrolysis is not an option.

The latest member to the permanent hair removal family is laser therapy. Laser therapy uses lasers passed through a wand to remove hair from the area. Like electrolysis, after several sessions hair growth is suppose to cease. Also, like electrolysis, it may cost over a thousand dollars to achieve permanent results.

Laser therapy has been shown to cause scarring in darker complexions. Those who have complexions darker than an olive tone should not use laser therapy.

Bikini hairline removal can be simple and painless or complex and painful. It can also run the full spectrum on the affordability scale. You can pay three dollars for a pack of razors or three thousand dollars for several sessions of electrolysis or laser therapy. Whatever your choice, meet your goal of achieving your smoothest bikini line ever.

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