Tips On Pampering Yourself

If today's world leaves you feeling tired and frazzled, try some of these tips to pamper yourself.

With the hectic lives we live today, it's easy to forget to do something for ourselves.We need to take a little time once in awhile to slow down and take care of ourselves, so that we are ready to face the world anew.Here you will find some ideas on what you can do to pamper yourself.

Take a bath.No, this is no ordinary bath; you will not worry about getting clean!In fact, if you feel like you need to clean off, jump in the shower first.Sure it sounds silly, but this bath is strictly for relaxation"┬Žno scrubbing allowed!Run the bath as hot as you can possibly stand it and add any combination of your favorite bath salts, oils, fizzies, and of course, bubbles.Adding some flower petals is a real treat.

Get a manicure.This is a luxury us gals often save for special occasions.What occasion could be more special than the fact that you deserve a treat?Go to your favorite salon, or, ask trusted friends for their favorites, if you have never had this done before.

Better yet, get a pedicure.A lot of us shy away from showing a stranger our feet.You'll forget your inhibitions about three seconds into this, if you go to the right salon; be sure to ask around if you have never had this done before.Trust me, after you have this done, you'll be looking for excuses to go barefoot!

Get a facial.Need I explain this one any further?

While we're at it, get your hair done.This could be a simple trim or it could be a perm with color treatment and highlights.No matter how simple or complicated, a new look is always refreshing!

Make a date with yourself.If you have kids, have your spouse watch them or get a babysitter.Even if it's just for an hour, those of you with kids know what a real treat this can be.Your date can be something as simple as just taking some uninterrupted time to read a book, or as elaborate as dinner and a movie.This may seem weird at first, but once you realize you don't have to make small talk, you may actually find it enjoyable.You can also use your date time to do any of the other ideas on this list.Some of you may even be lucky enough to get rid of the kids for an entire day"┬Žimagine the possibilities!Write down a list of things you would enjoy doing by yourself so you can plan future dates with yourself.

Go on a mini-vacation.Drop the kids at your parents if you're able to and take your honey to a local hotel for the night.Even it's only for a day and not more than an hour's drive, it's still a vacation!

Take a nap.This is easier if you don't have kids, but if your kids take a nap (or are out of the house for awhile), you can take one, too!When was the last time you did this, if ever?If you're like a lot of moms out there, you think this is the best time to get some cleaning done.Well, put down the vacuum cleaner and take a nap.I promise you won't regret it!

Read a book.Take that book you've been meaning to read lately with a cup of hot chocolate or tea, and cuddle up on the couch.You can even sneak off to bed early and indulge in some extra reading time.

Go buy a CD.Is there a new album you've been wanting to listen to?Music can be very therapeutic and energizing!

Indulge in some ice cream, and go ahead, pile on the toppings.How often do you get to do that, anyway?Don't forget the cherry on top!

Go ahead, have that chocolate!Even if you're on a diet, a small piece can be very satisfying, especially if you haven't had any in awhile.Break off a piece for yourself and give the rest to a friend.

Have your sweetie give you a back or foot rub.This costs no money and is probably one of the best ways to be pampered!

No matter how much time you have or how much money you have to spend, you can find ways to pamper yourself.If you're feeling frazzled, try one of these ideas, and see if you don't feel better!

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