Tips On Persuasive Career Change Cover Letter

Changing careers can be a challenge. A persuasive cover letter can help make the career change easier. Here are some tips.

So you want to change careers? It is tougher to find a job in a career you have no experience in than to find a job that you are experienced at. Those of us who have a "been there done that" mentality and are always eager to expand our horizons are not content with another of the same type of career, however. Unfortunately, those sitting on the other side of the interview desk screening resumes often do not understand this. This is when a persuasive cover letter comes into play.

In your career change cover letter, you want to focus on your SKILLS rather than your EXPERIENCE. The employer will want to focus on experience. It is your job, then, to effectively and concisely get across your relevant skills and why they are a match for this particular job. When crafting your cover letter, keep these points in mind:

· Hammer home what you can bring to the company. Employers are not interested, at this point, in what they can do for you. Perhaps you can bring a fresh perspective. Of course you have developed skills that fit perfectly with this career.

· Explicitly match your skills and experiences to the skills required for this position. Think and write in terms of "I can perform Task A because if requires Skill A, which I acquired while doing Career B."

· Lay out a table. Often, a two-column table will help get your competencies across. Head the first column "Skill/Job Requirement" and the second "experience". Then proceed to fill in the table, matching your experiences with the employer's requirements.

After you send the letter, be sure to follow up with a polite telephone call. Many times, this will prompt the employer to pull your letter from the stack and scrutinize it more carefully.

Changing careers can be challenging, but the correct approach can make your job search more fruitful.

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