What Are Some Tips For Planning A Wedding Shower?

What are some tips for planning a wedding shower? Breaking up the guest list and registry list between different wedding showers can keep planning a wedding shower simple. A wedding shower can be a fun way...

A wedding shower can be a fun way to celebrate an upcoming wedding and to provide friends and family an opportunity to spend time with the couple. When planning a wedding shower, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

The first step is to decide whether the shower is for the bride, the groom, or for the couple. This can help to determine the type of shower and the theme associated with the shower. Kyle Hayden, the Event Coordinator for Strong Events, which specializes in event decorating and design for theme parties, says that some showers can be more or less casual, while other showers can be more formal. Keep in mind what type of shower the bride and groom would be comfortable with when planning the mood and theme for the shower.

Hayden says that the next step is to find out how many showers and events will be planned for the couple. He notes that many times, people can go overboard with wedding showers: "There are some people who might end up with eight showers before a wedding. Try to vary the crowd between these showers, as well as the places of registry. This way, you reduce your chance of multiple gifts, and people won't feel obligated to attend all of the showers."

For the bride and groom who have a number of wedding showers planned, Hayden suggests having a clear-cut theme for each of the showers. For instance, you may gear one shower toward stocking the bar for the newlyweds and another toward giving the groom tools. He says that it makes it easier for you to list one or two specific registry stores on each invitation. For example, you may list a home improvement store like Home Depot on the tools shower invitation and a specialty kitchen shop for a kitchenware shower. Hayden says, "If they are also registered at Nordstrom's or Macy's, these can go on an invitation for a different shower to vary it a little bit. A lot of times when you put all of them on an invitation, it can overwhelm people."

Hayden also suggests keeping separate guest lists for each of the showers: "If the bride's parents and the groom's parents both want to throw a wedding shower, that's great. Just remember to separate the guest list." It is also important, however, to compare each of the guest lists from the various showers. While you do not want to leave anyone out, at the same time, you do not want to overload any of the guests with too many invitations.

Be sure to save an invitation and take plenty of photos so you can provide the bride and groom with keepsakes from the shower. If you keep these ideas in mind and stay organized, you can do your part in planning a wonderful and memorable wedding shower for the happy couple.

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