What Are Some Tips To Prevent Fires In The Home?

What are some tips to prevent fires in the home? Safety tips for the family for preventing home fires. Fire safety in a home is probably the biggest concern for any homeowner. The thought of coming home...

Fire safety in a home is probably the biggest concern for any homeowner. The thought of coming home from a long day of work only to see your house and everything in it engulfed in flames is not an image that any of us want to see anytime soon. So, in order to help reduce the chances of that happening, experts advise homeowners to do whatever possible to prevent fires from starting in their homes.

With over 18 years as a Fire Marshall in Georgetown, Texas, Dan Jansen is an expert in the world of fire safety. During his tenure as a Fire Marshall, Jansen has dealt primarily with fire education, safety and prevention. Jansen said that most consumers know about the regular fire tips such as having a fire extinguisher or a smoke alarm in the house, but if someone wanted to protect their home fully, there is so much more that can be done.

"There are several tips that families can use to make sure their family is well protected," Jansen said. "One tip is to sleep with all doors closed. I know this is really tough on new parents, but it is extremely important to teach your family to sleep with the doors closed to your bedroom."

"One of the first things produced, when you have combustion, is going to be carbon monoxide," he explained. "It is the silent deadly killer. By keeping your doors closed, it blocks the pathway of smoke travel into a bedroom. It alerts that smoke detector that is placed outside of the doorway. So when that detector goes off, as you sleep, you will hear it, and you can wake up before you get the carbon monoxide and the smoke into your system. This way you are more alert. It's really understated how important it is to sleep with the doors closed to the bedrooms. Parents love to be able to hear their kids, but their life safety is of utmost importance."

"To go along with that, once the smoke detector activates, it is extremely important to have an exit plan," Jansen said. "Your family needs to plan two ways out of their bedroom."

"First thing, of course, you're going to go up and check the door," he said. "First, feel the door handle and make sure that it is not hot. If it is hot, of course you are not going that way. If it's cool, you can open the door. If you get smoke, close the door and go to your second way out. This is normally a window. All homes are constructed differently, so it's tough to say how to get out of that window. You may be on a second floor, third floor, or ground level. However, you should work with your local jurisdiction, your local fire marshal, fire department, and figure out the best way to get out. Of course, there are all sorts of places on the web to go. There are different fire sites that you can get information on as far as how to get out."

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