Tips On Public Speaking

Tips on public speaking! Even the most boring and somber material can be turned into an amusing preformance.

The majority of public speakers present speeches on interesting material, yet bore their crowd into a daze somewhere between sleepiness and death. Other people simply project their nervous feelings into the audience, promoting a chaos stricken environment. Although a fifth grade speech might not get you an Oscar, you can amuse your peers. Or although a business speech promoting the new line of four-ply toilet paper might not seem to be attention grabbing, it can be.

When the speech first starts off don't jump right into the material and facts, instead tease your audience. If you are talking about the mating habits of bumble bees don't open your speech with a statistic on bees. Instead start off by talking about Whinny the Pooh, and his infamous honey jar. Explain that when you used to read that story, you never knew where the honey came from. Then slowly wean them off the shock of the cartoon character being present in a factual speech, and start talking numbers.

Approximately ever other sentence you should look at a new person, in a new portion of the room. Always keep your eyes focused on them, as if you are telling them your deepest secrets. Try to memorize the speech ahead of time, it will make a world of a difference. If you can't memorize the speech, don't read off of the cards, simply read off an outline which is on the cards.

Get into the speech, for the first time ever you can be over dramatic and people will find it enthralling or amusing, depending on the subject material. When you are talking about how the bees produce a large amount of honey each day, sigh and laugh. Make off-color comments about how you wouldn't want to be a bee. Don't keep a monotone voice throughout the presentation. Whisper weird items of the speech"¦ or laugh and elevate your voice for absurd facts.

Try to appear relaxed, and as if you are having a good time. If you are thoroughly animated, and attempt to get the audience involved, they will stay with you through the speech, even if you are talking about the production of paperclips. Ask rhetorical questions throughout the speech, for example with the Whinny the Pooh example, ask the audience how many of them wondered where honey came from when they read those stories. Then laugh and pretend as if you were answered.

Enjoy public speaking, it is your time in the spotlight. No matter what precarious of a situation you arrive in, if you blow it off and make a joke out of it, everything will turn out ok. If you fall on the stairs on your way up to the podium, when you start speaking throw in a laugh and a comment about how those stairs just jumped out at you. No one will ridicule you if your laughing as well.

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