What Are Some Tips For Re-Modeling A Small Kitchen?

What are some tips for re-modeling a small kitchen? First, make sure you are being efficient with the space available. When offering some tips for re-modeling a small kitchen, Ellen Mercer, who has been...

When offering some tips for re-modeling a small kitchen, Ellen Mercer, who has been a kitchen designer for eighteen years and is currently a designer at Cabinet Solutions, says, "First, make sure you are being efficient. You want to use every inch of space to the maximum use. The ease of use is important in the kitchen. You do not want tedious work effort in that space."

When planning a small kitchen, the trick is to incorporate as much of the conveniences of what a larger one would have, without disrupting traffic flow or "cluttering" the undersized version. This can be accomplished with many of the options available to you in terms of the storage solutions available today. Almost anything can be hidden behind doors or in drawers to make your kitchen as attractive as it is functional. To create more space, there are pull-out drawers for cabinets, separating bins for drawers and dividers made for both. There is the option of having stationary racks installed to organize your cupboards and pantry or many movable shelves and racks are also available in any home improvement store. Just because your kitchen may be smaller, it doesn't necessarily mean you have fewer options. Ellen says, "We have so many opportunities for making kitchens more efficient. We have easy access to cabinetry. There are storage spaces that incorporate easy access and handy accessories. They would help use of the space very easy. You want to make sure the kitchen plan is well thought through. The key to a small kitchen is to make sure that storage is organized to the maximum."

The key to any size kitchen remodel is a well thought out design. The book "Home project Manager: Kitchen Planner", published in 1997 by Cowles Creative Publishing, states: "Creating plans for a kitchen can seem like an overwhelming challenge, but fortunately there are guidelines available to help you. Some of these guidelines are legal regulations specified by your local Building Code and must be followed exactly. Most codes have very specific rules for basic construction, as well as for plumbing and electrical installations. Another set of guidelines, known as standards, are informal recommendations developed over time by kitchen designers, cabinetmakers, and appliance manufactures. These standards suggest parameters for good kitchen layout, and following them helps ensure that your kitchen is comfortable and convenient to use." This is where the hiring of an interior designer like Ellen, comes in. A professional knows all of the ins and outs of re-modeling. The extra money that must be fit into the budget to hire one is usually trimmed off somewhere else based on their tips and suggestions.

Re-modeling a small kitchen can be overwhelming. No matter how you look at it, little extra luxuries may have to be given up for the benefit of fitting the necessities in. But your chances of having your dream kitchen are a lot better if you have someone knowledgeable on your side.

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