Tips For Redecorating A Bedroom

Thinking about redoing your bedroom for a new, up to date look? Here are a few tips that may be helpful.

The longer you live in your home, the more likely you are to decide to redecorate at some point. If you aren't able to tackle the entire house at once, you may decide to go for one room at a time. Since many of us consider the bedroom our private area where we can shut out the rest of the world for eight hours or so each night, that is often the room we update first.

So how should you go about redoing a bedroom? Here are some tried and true tips that may be helpful.

1. Plan a budget. Figure out how much money you can afford to spend on this project after comparing it with competing household needs. Decide whether you want to pay it all or part in cash, and how much, if any, you will make in monthly payments. Add up expenditures like furniture, carpet, wall and window coverings, and accent pieces. Make adjustments if you cannot afford to pay for everything you would like to do all at once. For example, perhaps you can leave the new window drapes for your income tax return or year-end bonus.

2. Design a layout. Will you keep the room arranged the way it currently is or have you decided to rearrange things? Should anything be removed or added, like a night stand or antique rocker? Consider practicality so that the room does not look cluttered or bare.

3. Choose a color scheme. Dark, pastel, or neon colors are some of the widely diverse selections that people make to furnish their rooms. Match the colors with other shadings throughout the house, especially the hall and bathroom nearest the bedroom.

4. Coordinate patterns. If you opt to go for a solid pastel color on the walls, you may want a patterned border at the top or on one wall. Wallpaper and paint store catalogs can help you visualize how well some colors and prints will go together before you actually purchase them. If the bedroom has an adjoining bath, you may want to extend the ceiling border to that room as well for a unified link between both rooms.

5. Match carpet and window coverings. The shadings need not be exact, but they should complement each other for a cohesive appearance. Add accent pieces like oak-framed pictures that will go hand-in-hand with the oak bedroom suit, for example. You may want your carpet to be a shade or two lighter or darker than the walls, depending on the room's size and lighting.

6. Purchase furniture. Select a wood grain that goes with your walls and carpet, or vice versa. Add decor pieces like a bedspread, lamp, or bookshelf that complete your desired "look," such as country, French provincial, etc. Don't overdo it or the room will feel contrived.

7. Check with a contractor. In fact, get two or more estimates and contact the Better Business Bureau to be sure the contractor under consideration has a solid reputation and offers a good price within a reasonable time frame.

After the work is completed, inspect your room carefully to be sure it turned out as planned. While you may encounter a few surprises in color contrasts or coordination of accents, overall the room's look should flow together in an appealing way. Then enjoy your new creation for years to come!

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