What Are Some Tips To Remember When Using An Outdoor Heater?

What are some tips to remember when using an outdoor heater? The best thing about today's consumer is that they are always looking for better, safer and less expensive ways to cater to the needs of their...

The best thing about today's consumer is that they are always looking for better, safer and less expensive ways to cater to the needs of their family and home. One area that has had consumers in an uproar lately is the cost of energy and fuel. Lately, many homeowners have taken a huge hit in their pockets trying to adequately heat their homes. Looking for relief in any way possible, many homeowners have turned to other heat sources such as electric space heaters.

Electric space heaters are small heating units that provide an inexpensive heat source to a room. And while electric space heaters are capable of providing a room with ample heat, just having one inside your home raises your risk of residential fire tremendously.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, electric space heaters are the cause of over 25,000 residential fires every year. So as you can see, knowing the safety tips to properly work an electric space heater is very important.

But as times are continuing to change, the dangers of space heaters are no longer limited to the inside of a home. With many more homeowners designing their homes with patios, porches and decks that are more connected to the inside of the home than in past, space heater safety outside the home is becoming just as important.

Dave Tuplin is the technical director at Contractor's Depot, which sells heating equipment. Tuplin said that one of the more popular outdoor heaters that consumers have begun to use more and more is the patio heater.

"Well, it depends on the type of outdoor heater," he said. "Some people buy them for an outdoor area in their yard. They just add extra comfort to your outdoor experience; it's like an extended season sometimes."

"There are a variety of items," Tuplin said. "Some sit on the table, and some stand on the floor. The ones that sit on the table are very light weight and attractive, even if it's for just sitting in the center of a round or rectangular table. That will put heat out to the face and hands of the people who are sitting at the table."

"Manufacturers construct them with a heavy base on the bottom, and they are quite tall and attractive," he added. "If you are out having your drink or snack near the table area where the Patio heaters are, you can you can socialize quite close to the heater."

"Other types of heaters that we have outdoors are ones contractors would use," Tuplin said.

As with indoor heaters, experts will tell consumers to be sure not to store any flammable or combustible items near or around the heater. Be careful not to run the heater longer than the manufacturer suggests, and be sure to read all instructions before utilizing the heater. Also, if there are pets or children in your home, be sure to place your outdoor heater in a position where it will not be knocked over.

"You definitely do not want a child or a pet nudging them and making them fall over," Tuplin said.

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