Tips On Saving Money On Clothes And Just About Everything Else

Ten different tips to saving money on clothes, for you and your family.

Everyone wants to save money. In today's economy it is a necessity, so here are ten ideas that might help you to save some money.

1. For little girls- Buy jumpers a couple of sizes too big and move the buttons up. If if it is too long hem it and let down the hem as she grows.

2. For little boys- Buy t-shirts a size too big (but only one) that they can use them under their shrits in the winter and wear with jeans the next spring and summer. Buy colored t-shirts if possible.

3. When my son was little we used my husband's old t-shirts for p.j.'s when it was too hot to wear pajamas. This works for girls also.

4. Buy new to you at a consignment shop. Children's clothes, baby gifts and even adult clothes can be had for a fraction of the price.

5. We were going through pants on a monthly basis with my son. He didn't grow out of them but he would wear out the knees. A friend told me to buy iron on knee patches and iron them to the inside of the pant leg. He didn't wear out the knees and when he finally outgrew the pants I gave them to my girlfriend who has a son a couple of years younger.

6. By re-soling a good pair of shoes or boots you can save a lot of money. They still have to be intact and able to wear but if it is just the sole that is worn out then you have just saved the cost of a new pair.

7. Don't throw away that favorite stained shirt or pair of pants. Buy some dye and get groovy baby. Tye dye is all the rage right now. If the article of clothing is white buy sye in a darker shade and, voila, a new look to an old friend. Or applique over the stain if it is on the hem or collor. Also lace works well for these areas. If the stain is near the bottom create a new hem. Capri and clam diggers are hot now.

8. Buy clothes after holidays or out of season. Buying a bathing suit at the end of the summer can save 70% off the price. Buying formal dresses and winter coats after prom or Christmas also will save a lot.

9. Buy at factory outlets. Savings can be as high as 75% off retail store prices. Check al clothing for proper fit, irregularities, tears, stains or missing buttons.

10. Sew your own. Baby diapers can be made from on sale flannel or remnants. Shop for fabric and patterns at your local chain fabric stores 1 or 2 days sale. By buying out of season and in bulk you can save hundreds on your clothes.

I know I said at the begining that there were 10 ways to save on clothing, but here is one more.

11. Create a clothing co-op. If you have children and friends that have children that are older or younger than yours set up a yearly or semi-yearly swap. This also works for pregnant mohters (how many times will you actually wear all those maternity clothes you bought) and those women that lose or gain weight. By making old new again you can save money, have fun, and make new friends.

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