Tips For Saving Money On Groceries

Suggestions on saving money on groceries, what to look for when shopping at discount stores, making some of your own grocery items using discounted items, name brands verses store brands.

Doesn't just about everyone's budget need a little help in the grocery shopping department? In this article I am going to give you some tips on saving money at the grocery store, but still get the delicious tasting food that you and your family want. Of course, there is always coupon clipping, but if you do not have the time to spend on clipping, these tips should give you some money saving ideas. If you do clip coupons, combine these ideas with your coupons for extra savings.

Shopping at discount stores will most definitely save you some money. In my part of the country these are called Save A Lot and Aldies, along with Family Dollar, Dollar General and Dollar Tree. No matter what they are called where you live, they are basically the same store. This is the type of store that I will be dealing with here.

Try purchasing your name brand cleaning products at these stores. While they do carry store brands of these cleaning products for just a dollar or two, you can purchase the name brands that you know and trust for a great savings over full priced grocery stores. For example a bottle of Dawn dish soap at a regular grocery store will cost over $3.00, if purchased at a discount store the same bottle will cost $1.50. If you happen to use one bottle of dish soap a month, this will give you a yearly savings of $18.00. While that does not seem like an enormous amount of money, if you purchase all of your cleaning items at this type of savings, it will add up.

Beauty supplies, such as soap, shampoo, lotions, razors or deodorants can be purchased at the same savings. Other necessities such as toilet paper, paper towels and napkins can be purchased in bulk for the same cost as single packaged items at a full priced store.

Items for babies such as diapers, food and juice can be purchased at a great savings. Most of these stores, while not carrying name brand diapers, will carry name brand foods.

Boxes of crackers and cereal that will be very similar to name brand items can be purchased for a little more than half off at a discount store. In most cases these off brand items are made at the same plant as the name brand items, just packaged differently. They will taste exactly the same as the name brand, they just have different packaging. Experiment a little to see what items that your family will find to be the same.

Canned fruits and vegetables can be purchased for pennies per serving at a discount store. Does your family enjoy baked beans? This recipe will cost about $3.58 to make from a discount store, you can double the price for a full priced store.

Pasta is always fairly popular with everyone, and dry pasta can be purchased for less than $.50 per box at a discount store. If available in your area, frozen imitation crab meat can be purchased at a discount store for $1.99 per package. Baking items are much cheaper in a discount store also. Look for speciality items just before Christmas baking season. Cake mixes can be purchased at a discount store for about $.59. If you follow the directions on the box for a moister cake, I really can't tell the difference between these and a more expensive mix that will cost over $1.00.

My family particularly likes fried chicken from a very high priced take out place. A meal from this restaurant would cost over $20.00, but at the discount store I can make this same dinner for much less. Most of the time my family cannot tell the difference between what I am fixing and the take out.

Does your family like pizza? Take out pizza can be very expensive, particularly if you have it delivered. You can purchase either a pizza mix or a frozen pizza at a discount store. While the topping selections can leave a bit to be desired on a frozen pizza, just add some of your own. A large frozen pizza will cost about $1.99, with a bit more cheese, some pepperoni, mushrooms and what ever other toppings you desire, you will still have less than $5.00 in a pizza. Try having a pizza delivered for that price.

While you will not find a lot of "gourmet" items at these discount shops, there is no reason without a little work and imagination that you cannot make your own from items purchased at a discount store. While my discount store does sell Cornish Game Hens for $1.99 each, a full sized store will sell basically the same item for at least $3.00 each.

While this is just a slight sampling of what a discount store has to offer, you really should check out what is available at these places in your area. While the prices that I quoted are what I pay, depending on where you live in the country, they may vary just a bit. But it is almost guaranteed that you will save money!

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