Tips For Straightening Curly Or Frizzy Hair

Have curly hair but want that straight look? With the right techniques and the proper tools, straight hair is possible for every Curly Sue!

Most women seem to hate their hair - or at least yearn for a new look from time to time.Brunettes bleach their locks, yet blondes go goth; women with straight hair complain that it won't hold a curl, while those with the curls listen enviously.

Some of those curly-haired gals spend the better part of their lives in a battle of wills with their hair, wondering if they'll ever get the hang of it.Others come to enjoy the special attention natural curls bring, yet yearn for a different look now and again.Regardless, with the right techniques and the proper tools, straight hair is possible for every Curly Sue.

Greased Up

Most girls with curls have tried to straighten their hair and ended up with a frizzy mess.True, frizz can be the plague of curly hair, but there are a wide variety of products available to combat the condition.In fact, there are so many different choices that shopping for the right hair product can be overwhelming, but the secret is to know exactly what it is that you need help with - and look for products specially designed for your problem areas.

Whether you straighten your hair once a day, once a week, or once in a blue moon, the most important thing to remember is to keep your locks well moisturized.Healthy hair frizzes less, grows faster, and develops less split ends, so taking good care of your hair can make your job easier. The basis for any head of healthy, manageable hair is a good moisturizing conditioner.Conditioners come in many forms: rinse-out conditioners, leave in conditioners, even heat-activated conditioners.Shampoos and conditioners are often formulated for specific hair types - oily hair, normal hair, dry or damaged, or fine, limp hair - so choose a conditioner that suits your needs.Remember that exposing your hair to blow dryers and straightening irons on a regular basis can wreak havoc on your hair, so the path to beautiful straight hair must begin before you even leave the shower!

Once your locks are clean and conditioned, the straightening process can begin.However you choose to straighten your hair, heat is a necessary to achieve the look; well-chosen styling products can reduce the damaging effects of heat by facilitating the style and reducing the length of exposure, or even by adding extra moisture.Straightening balms are available from a variety of manufacturers, such as Bed Head; these will eliminate frizz and give your hair a glossy sheen.However, straightening balms can make the hair appear to "smoke" under the heat of a blow dryer or flat iron, which can be disconcerting.Also, straightening balms provide no hold.However, texturizing lotions, such as Back to Basic's Green Tea, provide a light hold, while controlling frizz and giving hair a healthy shine.The advantage of texturizing lotions is that they are not specifically made for straightening hair, making them versatile enough for those who want to show off their curls on occasion.Other products that enhance a Curly Sue's straightening power are designed to smooth frizz or restore hold in hair long after it's been dried and styled.

Blown Dry

Blowing curly hair straight can be frustrating if you don't know the right techniques.First, you need a good brush.Often, large round brushes with natural bristles are recommended for straightening curly hair, but realistically the most important thing is to use a brush that will hold the hair taut while you blow it dry.

Once you've chosen a brush, you need to choose a blow dryer.The best blow dryers are those that have several different speed and heat settings; some blow dryers also feature a cold-air setting, which is useful for cooling down the hair and setting the style.The lowest heat setting is, of course, the least damaging to your hair, but the highest heat setting will dry your hair faster and straighter.You can experiment to find out which heat setting will achieve the look you want with the least damage to your hair.

With your brush and hairdryer in hand, you're ready to begin straightening your hair.Curly hair straightens best if it is blown dry in small sections.To do this, take all your hair from the ears up and twist it onto the top of your head with a large clip.This will hold it out of the way while you focus on the section to be straightened.Using the brush, pull a section of hair straight and tight while keeping the hairdryer trained on it, remembering not to bring the hairdryer closer than about eight inches.Point the hairdryer at a downward angle to the hair; this will keep the hair smooth.Once the bottom section is dry, remove the clip and pull down another small section, re-pinning the rest on top of your head again.Repeat this process until all sections are dry.

Ironed Out

Blow-drying your hair is the fastest way to straighten it, but it has its drawbacks.The hot air seems to fluff curly hair, giving it ridiculous body.A straightening iron or flat iron can solve this problem.It is also possible, depending on how curly your hair is, to let it dry naturally, perhaps overnight, and iron it straight in the morning; this technique will cut down on the amount of heat your hair is exposed to, and the effect is hair with a slight wave and more realistic movement than hair that has been blown dry.

There are many different straightening irons on the market.Once again, a model with several different heat settings is best.Experiment to find the lowest heat setting that will achieve the look you want.

To straighten or smooth with the flat iron, work with sections as for blow-drying.Here, the size of the sections is especially important; the curlier the hair, the smaller the sections need to be.Clamp the iron around the section close to the roots, and slowly slide the iron over the hair to the ends.Several passes may be necessary to fully straighten and smooth the section.Repeat with each section until finished.

Ready to Go

Now you're ready to show off your sleek, straight 'do.Products specializing in on-the-spot de-frizzing and style rejuvenating will help you retain the fruits of your labor as long as possible, possibly even several days.Take care of that hair, and enjoy your new look!

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