Tips For Stronger Nails

Gives advice on how to help nails become healthier and stronger.

Having strong, healthy nails is important to many people for a wide variety of reasons. Nails that are well-maintained can represent professionalism and confidence. There are several simple steps that will help your nails become stronger and healthier.

Nails are healthy from the inside out. This means your diet should be rich in calcium, vitamin D, vitamin E, and other nutrients that benefit nail health. This is the first step to achieving strong, healthy nails.

Frequent and prolonged exposure to water is a common cause for weak, brittle nails. Soaking nails causes them to expand. When the nails dry and detract, they are more likely to crack or break. Simply avoiding unneeded exposure water can improve the strength of your fingernails. Since it is impossible for most people to avoid water completely, it is best to wear plastic gloves whenever possible. Cleaning with water and soaps or chemicals is especially damaging to nails, so be sure to always don a pair of plastic gloves when washing dishes or cleaning the bathroom. For best results, wear gloves even during shortest of cleaning tasks. This way nails come in contact with as little water as possible.

Expose nails to as few chemical products as possible. Most cleaning agents and nail polish removers contain harsh chemicals that can dry and damage nails. You should either wear plastic gloves when using chemicals or try to avoid using them together.

To keep nails from becoming brittle, it is important to keep your fingernails moisturized. Be sure to use a moisturizer after you wash your hands and before bed. In extremely dry conditions, use a generous amount of hand cream right before bed, and then wear white cotton gloves while you sleep. This treatment will give your nails deep conditioning all night long. Cold weather can strip the moisture from your nails, so be sure to always wear gloves when your hands will be exposed to harsh conditions outside.

Healthy cuticles are vital in maintaining strong nails. Never cut cuticles or push back on them with metal instruments. This will only damage the cuticle and possibly the surface of your nails as well. It is best to use your finger to gently push back on the cuticle. You can do this with a hand cream, a moisturizing nail fortifier, or even olive oil out of your own kitchen cabinet.

Nails should be manicured regularly. Smooth nails are less likely to split or tear. Use a very fine file to gently shape your nails daily. Nails should be rounded at the tip, since this shape is the best for preventing breaks and splits in the nail.

Never use your nails for tasks such as peeling off stickers or opening envelopes. Although nails can be useful for these tasks, using your nails as tools will ultimately damage and weaken them.

It isn't difficult to get the strong, healthy nails that you've always wanted. All it takes is a few simple precautions and healthy habits. Before long, your nails will be stronger and more beautiful.

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