Tips For A Successful Garage Sale

Tips and hints for managing a successful garage sale.

So, you want to have a garage sale: in addition to earning a little extra spending money and gaining some closet space, it can also be a lot of fun. Organizing a garage sale is also a great way to meet and get to know your neighbors. Perhaps one of them would enjoy collaborating with you on this project. One neighbor's garage sale often brings in customers for another.

The most important tip for a successful garage sale is cleanliness. Be sure that your garage, porch or yard is neat and that the items you hope to sell are clean. Besides getting a better price, the items will also sell faster.

Categorize all your items into a few major groups such as household items, furniture, bedding, tools, and clothes. Next, separate and sort items such as clothes by size and type.

Sturdy boxes, milk crates or sawhorses topped with plywood or particleboard make excellent display tables. If you have a portable clothes rack it may be used to hang heavy clothing such as coats or as a display for plant hangers. If you do not have a clothes rack, cloths line or twin stretched from one corner of your garage or porch to another corner is just as useful.

Be sure to have bags available for "ňúcustomers' to put their smaller purchases in. There is no need to go out and purchase bags for this. It is a great way to recycle used shopping bags.

If you have children, this is a good opportunity to teach them to manage a lemon aid stand. It teaches them a bit about business and money management not to mention keeps them busy and in your line of sight.

As a neighborly gesture have a large thermos of coffee with inexpensive Styrofoam cups available. If you want to go all out have some sandwiches or snacks for your neighbors as well.

Advertise! Many convenience stores and laundromats have bulletin boards where you can post an announcement. Generally, ad space is available in most local news and trade papers at a low cost as well.

It is important to post the days and times of your sale in your ads. Be sure you will be able to adhere to the hours you advertise. When you are ready for your sale to begin, place attention-grabbing signs at the end of your street and driveway. These are easily made with cardboard or poster boards. Make the lettering large and brightly colored or hang some inflated balloons next to them.

Pre-price all the items, but it is ok to let your "customers' know that the prices are negotiable. Bartering can be very entertaining. However, if you have no interest in bartering simply be up front and say, " I'm sorry everything is priced with my lowest price".

When pricing your items try not to be sentimental. Think about each item as a purchase you are considering. What would you pay for the same used item at a neighborhood garage sale?

Get Ready! There are garage sale and flea market enthusiasts who are usually the first to arrive. It may be a good idea to include "no early sales" in your ad. It is common for customers to arrive in large groups with lulls in between. During these lulls, take the opportunity to tidy up your merchandise. You may need to spread your remaining items out a bit to give the appearance you still have many things left.

If you have any items remaining at the end of your sale, box them up and take to a local shelter or thrift store.

Finally yet importantly remember to be friendly and you are sure to have fun.

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