What Are Some Tips For Tanning In A Tanning Bed?

What are some tips for tanning in a tanning bed? Get tips for safely tanning in an indoor tanning salon and learn what to expect from such a facility. The number one thing that an indoor tanning facility...

The number one thing that an indoor tanning facility customer wants to do is to look for a professional tanning facility. Look for one that is certified and understands how to properly administrate ultraviolet light and deliver it in a non-burning fashion that is pleasant for the customer. Executive Tans USA has that training material in place to deliver an experience, not just a tanning session. They want to enjoy what they are doing and get the maximum results. They want to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks associated with either too much or too little exposure to ultraviolet light and we want to deliver that to them in the best way possible.

But, like I said, the number one thing that we know our client looks for in a tanning salon is cleanliness and the number two thing our client looks for is education of the salon. I would like to stress that a professional tanning salon looks upon this as a tanning experience. It isn't just a tanning session. What we want to do is to create an ongoing relationship with the client where we help them by becoming essentially skin care counselors and sun care counselors to help them maximize their benefits from the tanning experience while minimizing their risks. And the risks as we all know are sunburns and we believe we can minimize an individual's risk of sunburn more effectively than simply telling someone to avoid the sun. We know from data that people who tan in tanning salons are less likely to sunburn outdoors than non-tanners are. And so delivering all of these as a tanning experience, it's something that the tanner wants and that is what we know they look for. It is what executive tans, USA stands for and it was the international smart tan network teaches to all of its members.

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