Tips For Tea Pot Collectors

Teapot collecting is fast becoming a favorite pastime. Following these tips will help to ensure your collection is complete.

Collecting tea pots has grown in popularity in the last few years and collectors are reaching grand numbers. The draw of tea pot collecting reaches back

to the drinks origin when only the highest of society could afford the drink and the beautiful, ornate vessels to serve it.

Entire shows have been assembled to showcase just these specific types of ceramics. Ceramists and potters strive to create more beautiful and engaging

pieces for the avid collector.

For many the joy of collecting is in the chase. Developing a theme or idea and pursuing the perfect pot. They take great pleasure in seeing shows and

meeting the potters and designers.

There is a great satisfaction in developing, assembling and displaying their carefully chosen collection.

Keeping in mind these tips when building your collection is sure to make all the more valuable and personally enriching.

For those just beginning their collection, it would be wise to log onto an auction site and keep an eye on the sale and bidding of tea pots for a few weeks to get a feel for what is happening and what is being paid for them.

Base your collection on a simple theme or idea. For instance; cows or rooster themed tea pots. You can also choose themes based on the type or style of

tea pot. Such as English or Japanese. You could also go with types like silver or ceramic. Some people base their collections on a certain manufacturer or time period.

Look for teapots that have a good design and is coupled with a very low factory output. This creates the scenario of being hard to get. Teapots like this will almost certainly be among the most desirable ones. If you are in search of a specific manufacturer research the marks that different companies used as with any collectible, reproductions exist and are made every day.

Because teapots were and are a commonly used household item, wear and tear is part of the game. Taking the time to examine any teapot you are considering will eliminate any later disappointment. Run your hand carefully around the inside of the rim, around the edge of the lid, underneath the spout looking for chips or cracks.

Some things to look for and to consider when you find the perfect teapot to add to your collection include:

Crazing - Many small cracks on the surface in the glaze of the piece. Just a little of this is not a deterrent, but if the piece is widely crazed you risk actual shedding or chipping of the glaze.

Staining - Some staining is expected and permanent but depending on the material of the teapot, it can be a simple matter of proper cleaning to get rid of it.

Chips and Cracks - Usually, a teapot will be chipped is on the inside of the lid and the rim where the lid meets the pot. Also don't forget to check on the spout where damage occurs from collision with the teacup. Examine these areas well. A touch of paint to hide pings and chips is not unheard of by non-reputable dealers. While a small chip can be lived with, a cracked teapot is most likely not what you'd like to add to your collection. Be especially careful of tiny hairline cracks. Often hard to see, they are the precursor to larger cracks. A hairline crack may run the whole length of the teapot. If a hairline crack already exists, one bump may lead to extreme damage.

The most important factor to keep in mind while building your collection is to have fun. Enjoy the collecting as much as the collection and you destined to have a great experience.

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