Tips And Techniques For Creating A Formal Hairdo Yourself

Creating a formal hairdo is easy. With these tips, instructions and products, you can create a formal hairdo for yourself.

Hairstyles have trends and fads that sometimes last shorter than the hairdo itself. Then there are classic hairdos that pass from one generation to the next. Most formal hairdos fit into the classic hairdo category. When a wedding funeral or prom arrives the standard upsweeps and chignons make their appearances.

As with most events, time becomes very sparse. What if after conquering all of the details, you have no time to visit the beauty parlor? What if you are invited to a last minute engagement and are unable to get an appointment? Or what if you spent all of your money on a dress? With a bottle of spritz and a half an hour, you can create a formal hairdo for yourself.

The Bun/Chignon

If one has medium to long hair, the fastest formal hairdo is the bun. With or without a side or center part, the hair is brushed back into a low ponytail, and secure with a cloth-covered rubber band. Either wrap hair around into a bun or a chignon. Making the ponytail into many small buns and arranging the clusters intone large bun create a chignon. The bun or chignon is a two-part affair.The hair that is pulled back must be smooth and immaculate. A touch of spritz or gel will ensure the slickness. The bun or chignon must be neat and tight. It should not be loose or showing any signs of movement.

The French Roll

Another easy to do formal hairstyle is the French roll. This hairdo is acquired by brushing the hair back into a vertical roll that extends from nape to crown. French rolls are best achieved parting the hair on either side of the head. Brush both sides back, to meet in the middle. Hair is then twisted into a vertical roll from the nape until the crown. At the crown, excessive hair can be curled, pinned or twisted into a bun.

If one does not have adequate length or fullness, one can use a foam filler. The foam comes in the shape of a six-inch cylinder. It is used as a foundation for a French roll. The hair is wrapped around the filler and discreetly secured with hairpins. This gives a fuller and sturdier French roll. This formal hairdo is popular among brides, who some decorate the roll with pearls and rhinestone accessories.

Maybe the event you are attending calls for a formal hairdo, but nothing as fancy as a French roll or an upsweep. You can create a formal hairdo with one's hair down, instead of up.

The key to creating a formal hairdo is stiffness. As comical as it may sound, the stiffer the better. One can set their shoulder length hair on hot rollers. Remove the rollers and using a wide tooth comb, comb hair into a pageboy-esque style. A formal version of the pageboy will not have bangs.Instead a side part and elevated crest highlights this formal hairdo. Secure the crest with spritz or hair spray. The ends of the pageboy should be almost if not completely curled under. The style is then preserved with hair spray. This hairstyle, surprisingly, runs an age span of eight to eighty. It is most popular with over forty, socialites and beauty pageant contestants.

Even though stiffer is better, softness is not an eliminated option. Shirley Temple curls are an easy formal hairdo for the preteen and younger set. Parting hair horizontally, then vertically sectioning and curling the hair achieves Shirley Temple curls. The result is rows of barrel curls that can carry a young girl from a birthday party to Sunday church service. It is a soft hairstyle, yet it is firm and extravagant enough to be a formal hairdo. It should be secured with a light mist of spritz, so that the curls remain uniform and tight.

Creating a formal hairdo is easy. Just remember that it is usually firm, and never loose. If one doesn't like spritz, setting lotion can be used to produce a desired crispness. Medium length hair can be worn down in formal styles, if hair flow is controlled. So don't fret the next time you run out of money or time. Brush that hair back into a bun and spray.

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